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Remembering Chanel

In celebration of what would have been her 131st birthday, we look back on the elegant story of Coco Chanel.
Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion passes, style remains."With her dark bobbed hair, rouged red lips, and blunt attitude, Coco left a legacy that revolutionized the world of fashion. Defying the norm with constant innovations, she embraced the new with her sharp comebacks

The Five Iconic Fragrances

We list the top five iconic fragrances and their unforgettable advertising campaigns.
The perfume is an invisible accessory. Aside from clothing, a scent dictates the mood of the situation. Take for a example a woman wearing a simple white tee and blue jeans but when she moves, she leaves a remarkable sensual scent in

10 Beauty Videos You Must Watch

We scour Youtube for our favorite beauty campaigns from the past few years.
Beauty commercials used to involve the same formulaic thirty-second storyboard of an endorser, speaking straight to the audience while hard selling a product. But with the greater appreciation these days for production value and cinematography coupled with the fact that consumers a