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10 Colored Eyeliners That Will Upgrade Your Usual Cat Eye

When your peepers need a pick-me-up.
If you want to add a pop of color to your look but don't have the time, drop the eyeshadow brush and spice up your eyes with some colored eyeliner instead. A nice subtle flick is all you need! To build your

This Is How Liz Uy Creates Her Signature Cat Eye

She just wings it (literally).
Liz Uy has without a doubt mastered the art of the cat eye. It's her signature look, being her certified go-to whether she's just heading to brunch or attending a fashion show in New York. In fact, she can line her eyes

3 Easy Alternatives to Your Usual Cat Eye

For days when you're just not feeling the flick.
The cat eye may be a classic, but on some days, we'd much rather be done quick and wear something a little easier to do. Makeup is all about being creative, after all! The only tricky part is making it practical for

The Perfect Cat Eye Look According to Your Eye Shape

Ace that feline flick!
Girls know all too well that drawing the perfect cat eye is considered both a skill and talent. But getting both eyes even is just half the job, getting your winged liner to work well with your eye shape is another task

12 Colored Eyeliners That Will Step Up Your Beauty Game

Turn around, bright eyes.
There are days when black just won't do. Sometimes, a bit of color is simply the way to spice up your look! Below, 12 vibrant eyeliners that'll have everyone ogling your feline flick and asking, "Where did you get that?!"1. 3CE Under-Eye

Winging It: How to Perfect the Winged Liner Look

Tips from beauty expert Agoo Bengzon.
The cat eye may very well be one of the most adored eye makeup looks—yet it's probably also one of the hardest ones to achieve. If you struggle with twitchy hands or don't feel too confident about your makeup skills, these tips

Here’s a Colorful Way to Update Your No-Makeup Look

Adding a pop of color wouldn't hurt.
The no-makeup look, while it’s easy and fuss-free, can also border on dull and boring. So to subtly glam it up, try to experiment with a little isolated placement of color on your face. A bold lippie may do just the trick,

This Is the Quickest Way to Do Your Winged Liner

Score sexy eyes in minutes!
It's a known fact that working with eyeliners can be a bit daunting. Precision and patience are the key to creating fierce, lined eyelids, so it's important to focus. A tiny mistake can turn into a half hour's worth of panda-eyed catastrophe—and

How to Amplify Your Smokey Eye like Kendall Jenner

The perfect beauty look for Happy Thursday!
We’ve heard time and time again that video is the new frontier in the world of digital publishing. So it comes to no surprise that The Estée Edit’s guest editor Kendall Jenner would want to grow the brands’ video component with *coughs*

Alexa Chung Shows You How to Do the Perfect Cat-Eye Flick

It's all about the angles.
People always ask us about how to achieve perfectly winged eyes. Our answer? Learn from the pro! London cool girl Alexa Chung has been sporting the look since, well, forever and teamed up with YouTube-famous celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (she's done

The Smokey Eye Upgrade You Need to Try Now

Notes from Paris Fashion Week.
Now that fashion month has finally come to a close, it’s time we plunge into back reading all that’s been said about the past collections. But before we sift through the galleries of Vogue Runway, allow us to zero in on one

Adele's Makeup Artist Reveals the Secret to Her Perfect Cat Eye

Steal the singer's signature flick!
When we think about winged liner, Adele's flawless feline flick is top of mind. The master behind her sharp liner is makeup artist Michael Ashton, who has been doing the 10-time Grammy winner's makeup since 2007. He graciously sat down with The Cut and revealed his secret to achieving

Eyewear Special: Cat Eye

Here's your ticket to a fiercely stylish summer.
Every sartorially inclined lady would love to look glam all-day, effortlessly. Some of you have been asking how an editor manages to do so, and if you still haven’t noticed, our not-so-secret weapon is simply a pair of sunnies. No matter the

Feline Flick

We've got the tips and tricks for you to perfect this sexy eye.
The feline flick or what we commonly know as the cat eye can be a daunting task for most to achieve. Probably because it requires precision and symmetry to get it right. What's great about this liner technique is that it looks

Look We Love: Winged Liner

We scour Youtube for the best eyeliner tutorials to watch.
Sometimes even the seemingly easiest makeup techniques are hard to achieve without someone actually showing you how to do it. While products in all shapes, sizes and colors look great while on display at the department store, learning to use them once