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Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Donate Your Hair

Planning to get an exciting big chop?
If you haven't paid the salon a visit in while, you probably have long locks you're planning to cut off soon. You've likely thought about donating your hair to cancer patients after, but have no idea how to start. Lucky for you, you've

This Beauty Company Created False Eyebrows for Chemo Patients

Brows on fleek and for a noble cause!
Volition Beauty has collaborated with beauty editor and cancer survivor Deanna Pai to create a collection of false eyebrows for chemotherapy patients!IMAGE Volition BeautyThe Volition Beauty Mission Brows come with an eyebrow set and adhesive glue, and 30 percent of its sales

Cut Your Hair And Help Save Lives

Join in the Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge.
Since mid last year, we’ve published countless articles on the popular lob. From a list of our favorite celebrity cuts to the different ways to style it, we can’t deny that we have been pushing for you guys to take that drastic