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All the Different Ways to Style a Button-Down Shirt

Take this wardrobe staple from the office to the party!
When building your own personal style, there really are certain classics you need to have in your wardrobe aside from just mindlessly following the latest trends. As they do say, you have to master the rules before you can break them, the

We Asked 3 Girls to Go Barefaced for a Week and Here's What Happened

The next detox you should be on is skin detox.
You know how, at a lunch, there will always be that friend who declines the menu and instead whips out her arsenal of murky green bottles because she’s on a cleanse? Then the next weekend, you’re on it, too. But if there’s one area

What Happens When Dry Skin Goes Makeup-Free for a Week

The results were surprising.
My usual skin condition is dry, especially on my forehead and at the corners of my mouth. I also experience a little resness, especially around my cheeks, nostrils and temples. My dry skin gets worse if I don't moisturize after washing my

On Social Media Fakes and Copycats

Is internet really the place where creativity dies?
On a scale of one to 10, how original are you?Say, when you bought your first tube of liquid lipstick, did Kylie Jenner’s infamously pouty lips have anything to do with your decision to make that purchase? Can you swear on your

9 Blogger-Approved Products to Upgrade Your Daily Makeup Routine

Key secrets to looking fresh all day.
Next to celebrities, bloggers are experts at looking camera-ready. That's why we've always been curious about what happens behind-the-scenes of every post, especially in the beauty department. How exactly do these double-tap worthy creatives look so good every day? In addition to

What Happens Behind the Scenes at a Preview Beauty Shoot

Beauty blogger Nicole Romero clues us in.
For one of our June issue features, we put the spotlight on the world of beauty blogging by asking Camie Juan, Shari Macainag, Angela Nepumoceno, and Nicole Romero to share with us their opinions on all things beauty. In the video, Nicole of

The Tinted Grid is the New Instagram Trend to Try

It's time to give your feed a makeover!
When it comes to Instagram, everyone has their own thing going on. While the battle between washed out and colorific grids is still very much apparent, another style seems to be succeeding in getting its own fair share of the spotlight. Introducing:

Style Bible 100: 25 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow Part 3

Pinoy flavor from all corners of the globe.
Here’s number 51-75 of our 100 Must-Follow Instagram accounts:Kissa Castañeda-McDermott@kissacastanedaGreat for interior motifs!Esme Palaganas@esmepalaganasRetro inspirations and its modern interpretations. Natalya Lagdameo@nlagdameoThe devil is in the details.Vania Romoff@vaniaromoffThe sweet life of a fashion designer.Erwan Heussaff@erwanjheussaffFeasts prepared by Mr. Eye Candy. Nikki Ruiz@nikkimiruizBlack, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys. Koji Arboleda

Blogger Slam Book: Camie Juan (wild Spirit)

‘I make a mean pan-grilled BBQ shrimp and steak rice.'
(Check out Camie's blog at!)FIRST THINGS FIRST…How did you come up with your blog name?I honestly was in a very Tumblr-y phase in life, and I randomly came across the two words and it resonated with me so much that it

8 Washed Out Instagram Feeds

We're seeing black, white, and fifty shades of grey.
With multiple editing apps that are readily available for downloading, it's a given fact that members of today's generation tend to become artsy fartsy when it comes to managing their social media accounts. Nowadays, it's possible to turn an ordinary iPhone user

#socks Of The Day

Everything socks!
The holidays may have long been gone, but the brr month is apparently here to stay. And while we wish we could say that the cold doesn’t bother us, this sweater weather got us rummaging through our closets in search of a

Fashion Bloggers' Holiday Must-haves

Get holiday dressing tips from these #OOTD experts.
The month of December has finally arrived, and we’re all but excited to dress for the coming festivities. While some of you are probably planning to go all-out on the blings, others may simply be hoarding everything red and green. But if

How The Celebs Are Wearing The Man-repeller Pieces: Mandals

Frankly, we don't think there's anything ugly about the “ugly shoe trend.”
Not so long ago, the term “It shoes” would automatically be synonymous to killer heels and sky-high stilettos. Until this day, even the celebrities go gaga over a pair of Valentinos and Louboutins. And while we believe that high-heeled steppers will forever

How The Celebs Are Wearing The Man-repeller Pieces: Dark Lips

These ladies have gone to the dark side.
Yesterday, we’ve kicked off a brand new series to show you how the celebrities are sporting trends borrowed from the boys. But as you know, as far as man repellents are considered, it’s not something that we can limit to the clothing

10 Must-follow Local Bloggers On Instagram

Trust us, these ladies will make you double tap in a heartbeat!
It’s simply amazing how one can acquire so much style inspiration from the world wide web. Even on Instagram alone, there’s a lot to keep us motivated to dress up and look our best. So if you’re in a following spree and

Celebstagram: The Yummy Hair Candy Trend

Don't worry, ladies. These candies come carb-free!
When a celebrity goes from jet black hair to something a tad bit lighter, it’s really nothing new. But when a drastic change happens like Katy Perry going green (literally!) and Demi Lovato bleaching her locks purple, we get all giddy and suddenly