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This New Instax Camera Can Connect to Your Smartphone and Print Photos on the Go

Get that film-camera aesthetic with all the convenience of a digital device.
Despite the fact that we're living in a hyper-digital era, there's still a lot of love for old-fashioned gadgets like record players, typewriters, and film cameras. Analog photography, in particular, has become increasingly popular among young people in the last decade or

These P950 Aesthetic Film Cameras Are Too Pretty to Not Add to Cart

They're available in three colorful designs!
Disposable cameras are a great first purchase if you're looking to get into film photography, but don't quite have the know-how to operate anything more complex than a basic point-and-shoot. They give you the ability to capture cute and candid pics without

These Cute Pastel-Colored Digital Cameras Are Only Under P500 Each

Time to capture some special memories!
Getting your first-ever digital camera at a young age might be your most prized possessions because in a way, it honestly fuels a person's interest in photography. Especially now that we enjoy taking pictures and videos of the most random things, and

Here's Where You Can Rent a Vintage Film Camera in Metro Manila

Thinking of switching from digital to film?
Owning a film camera isn’t as easy as it sounds—those old gems need maintenance to stay in shape, and not everyone is equipped to care for one. So instead of purchasing a vintage camera, the best road for some film aficionados might

6 Ways to Level Up Your DIY Instagram Photoshoot at Home

You can achieve editorial-worthy photos using only your phone!
To quote the TikTok-famous song by Curtis Roach, are you “bored in the house, and in the house bored?” If you’ve succumbed to the Dalgona coffee trend, obligatory Zoom parties, and banana bread baking club, then we suggest you amp up your

We Asked Photographers to Reveal Their Go-To Travel Cameras

Want to shoot your travel photos like a pro? Start with the perfect camera.
You only need a few things to capture the perfect, like-grabbing, breathtaking Instagram travel photo. If you’ve got your destination down, all that’s left on the list is a good eye, patience, and, of course , a camera to capture your precious

You Can Score Cool Vintage Cameras at This Analog Fair Happening Soon

Looking to start your own film camera collection?
Analog lovers will scour the internet, Hidalgo, and Cubao for hours in the hopes of happening across rare vintage cameras. But this March, you can pause your camera hunt because a film camera fair is coming to Makati City.Overexposed: An Analog Film

The New Leica Camera Is Here and We Want One

Spoiler alert: It's incredible!
Leica can do no wrong. No matter what the German company puts out, you know it's going to be a gorgeous piece of equipment. Case in point: the Leica SL2, a simple yet brilliant mirrorless full-frame camera that does it all.The all-purpose

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Vintage Camera

Film cameras have a character that digital just can't replicate.
There’s something about vintage cameras that digital just can’t replicate. It has a character lost on the high-tech equipment of today. The wear-and-tear only adds value, and the older the camera, the more sought after it is.Film photography has been revived in

4 Hardworking Smartphones That Also Come with Great Cameras

Balance work and fun with these devices!
It’s true that there are gadgets that are only good as their next iteration, but there are some that become staples due to their great performance and their ability to keep up with updates. Here are a few recently launched smartphones from

This Stylish Digital Camera Is Made Out of Paper

So cute and convenient!
As millennials often say, "Photos or it didn't happen!" We have an inclination to document everything down to the minute details and later curate them on the 'gram. But here lies the problem: DSLR or mirrorless cameras aren't always convenient to lug

10 Mirrorless Cameras to Buy for Your Next Getaway

These are perfect for your travel OOTDs!
Planning to buy yourself a brand new camera? Consider going mirrorless! They pack the same power as a DLSR but come in a more compact size, making them super handy and more convenient for documenting your travel selfies and OOTDs! Play the