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5 Cozy Cafes for Your Brunch Fix in the South

Because brunch is always a good idea.
There’s always a lot to love when it comes to brunch. Aside from being the best excuse to cure a hangover or meetup with your friends on a weekday, getting brunch is like getting the best of both worlds—because hey, time is

This New IG-Worthy Cafe in Marikina Could Be Your Next Hangout Spot

Make sure to take a photo beside the "Good Times. Good Coffee" design on the wall.
Since the pandemic began, there are tons of cafes that opened their doors to people wanting a break from being confined at home. You have coffee shops that offer breathtaking views of nature while some coffee shops are aesthetically pleasing to look

This Stylish Cafe Is the Answer to Your Thai Food Cravings

This restaurant chain started as a clothing label in 1980s Bangkok.
Finding the balance between an exciting food concept and a hearty dining experience is a difficult feat, but Greyhound Cafe hits the nail on the head. This new-on-the-block restaurant does Thai and South East Asian cuisine in a new, modern, cutting-edge way

This Cute Café in Batangas Is Perfect for a Weekend Brunch with Friends

Add this to your list of places to visit in the south!
When taking a trip down south for delicious eats, you shouldn't limit yourself to the Taal-overlooking restaurants in Tagaytay. There are also great restaurants in neighboring places like Batangas. If you find yourself in Lipa, you should add Lucia's Cafe to your

This Thai Cafe in Rizal Has the Most Stunning View of the Sunset

Enjoy a cup of Thai tea while the sky changes colors!
Rizal is one of the best places to unwind after an exhausting week. It's not too far away that you'll spend half the day inside the car, waiting to arrive at your destination. If you've already been to the many restaurants and

5 Incredibly Charming Cafes to Visit in Silang, Cavite

It's just an hour from Metro Manila!
Itching for a quick roadtrip away from the metro? Escape the confines of city living and make your way South for a quick breather.Approximately an hour away from Metro Manila, Silang, Cavite is an up and coming locale for cozy, neighborhood eateries,

This Pretty Pastel Cafe in Pampanga Deserves a Spot on Your Feed

Even influencers Rhea Bue and Jeff Ong were spotted here!
You don't need to travel far to delight in the pretty pastel aesthetics South Korean cafes are known for. Tucked in San Fernando, Pampanga, Jungle Base Grounds Coffee boasts of the prettiest retro-chic interiors that is tempered by rustic charms. Starting with the

This IG-Worthy Cafe + Deli Is Your Next Go-To Brunch Spot

They serve those egg-drop sandwiches you see in K-dramas!
Korean culture has had a great influence on our food trends for the past few years, from Korean barbecue, Dalgona coffee, cheesy garlic bread, Korean corn dogs, and the most recent one, egg drop sandwiches. If you haven't tried these sandwiches (that

How to Make Good Coffee at Home Like a Pro, According to Real Baristas

The owners of El Union, Commune, and Papakape spill the beans on tips and equipment!
The pandemic has seen the rise of new hobbies. From plantitas, to homecooks, to cyclists, less hours in transit opened up more time for discovering passion projects. With most cafes closed at the beginning of the lockdown, a good number of folks

You Can Book This IG-Worthy Coffee Bar in a Stylish Kombi for Your Events

Give your guests something to 'gram about!
No other vehicle is as distinctly associated with an era as the Volkswagen Kombi. Gaining popularity during the height of the hippie movement, the spacious van became synonymous to the vagabond lifestyle that embraced peace, love, and harmony above all. Boasting the same

This Lush Al Fresco Café in Cebu Deserves a Spot on Your Feed

It's a must for both your itinerary and your feed!
Travel restrictions are easing up, and we are getting ready to take off! Why not start by boosting domestic tourism and re-visiting some of our favorite provinces? On the top of our list is the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Not only

5 Coffee Shops You Can Bike to in Rizal

Time to refuel with a cup of coffee!
Most of us found our own coping mechanisms to manage cabin fever in the past year. Some acquired new cooking skills like baking bread, some havbe gone down the K-pop or K-drama rabbit hole, while others have started on a fitness journey

This Is Not a Drill: Café Kitsuné Is Finally Coming to the Philippines

And we know exactly where it's going to be located!
If you've been a longtime fan of Maison Kitsuné, then chances are, you already miss dropping by their coffee shops whenever you travel abroad. But your longing for this Paris-meets-Tokyo brand will soon end. Café Kitsuné is finally opening its first branch in

6 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Boracay You Can Dine At When You Visit

Bookmark these for your next Boracay food trip!
As summer’s fast approaching, a lot of us are booking flights to local tourist destinations with Boracay being on top of our list. If you’re currently on the lookout for hotels to book and which tours to take, you should definitely add