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How to Check If Your Planned Business Name Is Already Taken

Plus, other business name restrictions you need to know!
It goes without saying that a business name is important for any entrepreneurial venture, and by law you have to have it registered not only for your business to be legit, but also to protect your name from others who may want to

SM Founder, Henry Sy, Dies at 94

Southeast Asia's richest man passed away.
Henry Sy, Sr., Southeast Asia's richest man, passed away on the morning of Saturday, January 19, 2019. He was 94. His son, Hans Sy, confirmed the news.The Chinese-Filipino businessman founded the SM Group, which owns some of the biggest retail, banking, and property ventures

8 Filipina Power Duos Who Are Making Waves in Business

These powerful duos are making big changes in the fields of education, transportation, beauty, art, and design.
When it comes to female representation in the workplace, Philippine firms continue to show they have no qualms about having a woman run the show. Data company Grant Thornton released its annual Women in Business report earlier in the year and it

You Have to Check Out Lauren Reid's Newly Opened Business in Siargao

Introducing, Sirena Spa!
Lauren Reid is officially an entrepreneur! She has opened her first business, called Sirena Spa, located in Siargao. The spa offers different types of nail, waxing, and massage services.In an interview with, Lauren talks about her new business venture:"My business partners visited Siargao for Christmas,

Anna Wintour Commends Zara

It seems like we're not the only ones who are in love with the brand.
Just because Anna Wintour is a (or the) fashion authority doesn’t mean that she knows everything about everything. And just like any other creative in the industry, she’s open to new ideas. Recently, Spanish brand Zara was discovered to be very intriguing for

Vogue Publisher To Produce More Branded Content

Tailored for consumerism.
Premier media company, Conde Nast, the company responsible for the success of Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and other internationally-renowned magazine titles, is shaking things up content-wise.  The company recently launched a new sector called 23 Stories by Condé Nast. This new

WATCH: Websites That Design Themselves

Great for fashion startups and businesses!
HTML? Photoshop? Handling your business is hard enough! However, websites represent your brand. It must always look good to attract more audience. Thankfully, this revolutionary web platform saves us from frustrating website design!The Grid, a new web platform for building websites, makes

5 Pieces of Advice from Fashion Startups That Failed

Learn from their mistakes.
In a commencement speech at Harvard, J.K. Rowling said "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life." She was, of course, referring to being jobless and divorced, after which she realized she had nothing left to lose and

The 4 Simple Rules of Running Your Business like Taylor Swift

She'll steal your heart and your money.
(Gif by Yayay de Castro)Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift’s got the Midas touch. Not only is the 25-year-old a genius when it comes to writing catchy tunes, she’s an ice cold business woman, too. Here we

5 Ways Fashion Startups Can Market Themselves for Free

The secret: become a social media beast.
(Image by Yayay de Castro)Got some good merchandise in your hands but don’t know how to sell them? No worries. Here are five easy and cost efficient marketing tips every fashion startup can make use of. Tip #1: Talk the talk, talk to

Fashion Startup? Here's A Crash Course You Must Attend

It's the best of global digital marketing in fashion.
Main image via Ribuha AnuarDo you follow brands on Instagram? Or are trying to figure out how to do that yourself?Jigso Digital Solutions is holding a seminar that will show you the ropes of digital marketing, to help get your product across in

How To Start Up Your Brand Now

Fashion entrepreneurs share their tried and tested tips.
(Gif by Yayay De Castro)Lack of creative talent isn’t something the local fashion industry should worry about. The number of fashion schools and students therein attest to that. However, not every designer has the know-how or the proper resources to turn their

Start-up Profiles: S/s Supply Goods

Here's the bottom line about starting your own business.
26-year-old Aren Pe sounds like a pro when he talks about how he started his streetwear label, S/S Supply Goods. Is it just the air of a management graduate of the Ateneo (no shade here) or is it the confidence that comes from years of learning

Start-up Profiles: Creative Elite Operation

Hustle and you may just become Jake Cuenca's favorite new streetwear label.
The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Perhaps every start-up wants to get famous and have celebrities wear their stuff (we’re looking at you, Jake Cuenca). But the only way they can do that is if they’re willing to

Start-up Profiles: Kirv

What's it like to be working with your "bae?"
Sure as you may be about starting your own business, it definitely helps to have a strong support system. While some prefer to keep the company within the family, others turn to significant halves to help them get the work going. Here Style