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All the Places Rei Germar Visited in Thailand, As Seen on Instagram

Add these spots to your travel bucket list!
We're glad we have someone like Rei Germar to live vicariously through. ICYDK, the YouTube sensation is currently in Thailand for some work matters (that she's been quite privy about, only sharing a couple Instagram stories here and there). Whatever she's up

This Island Resort in Palawan Boasts of Water Villas with Glass Floors

You don't need to fly to the Maldives to experience this luxury retreat.
The inspiration for the lush, 18-hectare Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort started from something—or rather someone—fairly small: a 10-year-old girl with an incredible ambition to create paradise. The young girl’s dream soon became her father’s goal—and eventually, an achievement. At the time of

6 Dreamy Local Resorts With Water Villas Similar to the Maldives'

These should definitely be added to your bucket list.
Ever dreamt of experiencing the magic that is the Maldives only to have that dream cut short by the harsh realization that is the consequent travel expenses? Don’t fret, because you can still get your summertime happy-ever-after without having to leave the

What I Learned From Skydiving

At 14,000 feet above sea level, that is.
I’m a thrill seeker. I’m always up for an adventure. I love the feeling of my stomach up in my throat. Last month, I finally ticked something off my bucket list. I jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet over the

10 Instagram-Worthy Local Destinations You Should Visit This Year

So many beautiful places to explore in your own country!
The Philippines has a number of picture-perfect places. Every out-of-town trip can easily be a prenuptial shoot, an unlimited selfie moment, or a time to complete a whole album of wacky shots with friends and family. It's hard to pick just 10,

How to Survive Your First Solo Trip Abroad

The right apps, well-planned outfits, and a structured purse.
A solo trip can be a girl’s best adventure, and when you do it overseas, the chance to have a breathtaking experience of a lifetime just multiplies tenfold. However, you can’t afford being too impulsive or careless—or else, the whole prospect can