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7 Best Places to Get Lash Extensions in Manila

No mascara? No problem!
Thanks to semi-permanent beauty treatments, our routines have collectively become simpler. Name your concern and there's likely a procedure for it. Want to define your brows? Have them microbladed! Think your lips are too pale without lipstick? Try getting them tinted by a pro! There's more

Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Permanent Lip Tint

Yes, having permanent lipstick on your smoochers is now a thing!
First, there was microblading. And now, having your lips dyed with a permanent lip color has also become a viable option for beauty junkies out there! Sounds like a dream? Well, before you decide to get your lips tattoed, here's a list of

3 New Waterproof Brow Products to Try Now

They seriously won't budge.
Do you always worry about your brows getting washed away when going for a swim or when you’re sweating it out at the gym? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Lucky for us though, there are waterproof brow products out there that can

Andi Manzano's Obsession With Summer

The lovely radio jockey dishes on her season must-haves.
As soon as March hits, summer, a.k.a. bikini season, begins. I do admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the Philippine's tropical climate, but beautiful radio jockey and newlywed, Andi Manzano-Reyes declares her immense love for the season. I asked her

Pre-party Prepping

Get gussied up a week before the seasonal festivities.
Holiday festivities usually mean a string of never-ending evening soirees filled with air kisses and small talk, all of which you must look your best for. While we’re avid practitioners of cramming, a little forward thinking never hurt anyone.Today, we tackle a

Browhaus Greenbelt 5

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente gets her arches styled and shaped.
I always thought my brows were at their best: I tweeze stray hairs once in two weeks and have experimented with different shapes. I have gone through the uber thin shape during my college years then I went on to straight, full

Beauty Lab: Brow Shaping

Three Style Bible editors offer up their arches to review brow-hancing services.
Jacque de Borja, Editorial Assistant My brows have a natural arch and while the hair is fine, like the hair on my head, it thankfully doesn’t look sparse.I normally pluck and groom my own brows, cleaning out the growth beneath and simply following

Lunchtime Fixes

With one hour to spare, check out these thirty minute services that
can spruce up your lunch break.
As working girls, weekends aren't long enough to pack in all of your grooming necessities. Luckily, there are a bunch of fast and efficient services that you can cram into the one-hour lunch break that can save a lot of time. Not