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15 Best Bronzers for a Sunkissed Glow

Here's your ultimate guide to achieving that perfectly chiseled selfie!
So you want to rock a golden, bronzy glow but there’s just no time to head to the beach, go sunbathing, or bask in the sun? It's totally fine. Adding a bronzer to your makeup routine is the next best thing. Similar

LOTD: How to Properly Fake a Tan, According to Julia Barretto

Her makeup artist spills the beans.
Going to the beach isn't the only way to get a tan. You homebodies and office bugs can achieve a sunkissed look, too! No tanning salon sessions required. Through the magic of makeup, you can sport glowing, bronze skin in minutes—and Julia

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Bronzers

Bring your skin to life with a sweep of a brush!
We've lost count of how many times bronzers have saved us from makeup disasters. Camouflaging foundation that's too light, for example, is a piece of cake for these portable skin retouchers. We especially owe them a lot for our convincing sunkissed looks!Below,

Body Sculpting 101

Create a chiseled form with our all-over contour how-to.
If doing a thousand crunches and five sets of squats everyday doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fret, dear reader. There’s another way to get body definition without shedding a single drop of perspiration. Armed with a trusty matte bronzer and shimmering highlighter,

Steal Martine Cajucom's Summer Glow

Be every bit the bronze babe with this poolside-worthy look.
When people ask me what makeup can stand up to the summer heat, I tell them to forget about layering and heavy looks involving eye shadow and opaque lipstick, because the real star of the summer is skin. Case in point, our

Three Sun-kissed Highlighters To Enhance Your Summer Glow

Because an eternal summer can exist right on your cheeks.
With Vacation Week (a.k.a. Holy Week) over, you might have acquired a little bronze color goin’ on thanks to your newfound exposure to the outdoors (don’t pretend you haven’t been hunched in front of a computer screen since December!). To preserve the

Our Top Bronzer Picks

Because a healthy glow is synonymous to glowing tan.
In the summer, when cheeks tend to flush from the heat, bronzer is your best bet at making anything work. Aside from adding that faux glow to your face, bronzer can also sculpt cheekbones and chisel a jawline to perfection. Plus, using

Show Off A Bronze Tan Sans The Sun

These sunless tanners help up your bronzer game.
According to experts, the sun is evil. Emitting dangerous UVA and UVB rays (brush up on your terms here), the sun brings about a dozen health hazards and helps speed up aging, too. Personally, I think everyone looks better with a little

Steal Sam Pinto's Subtle Smoky Eye Look

Perfect the minimal look with just five products.
With various layers and graphic elements to keep the eye busy, it’s easy to get lost in such a stimulating sight. But when your outfit does all the talking, it’s best to keep a subtle smoulder north of the ensemble. As for

Why You Need The Nars Matte Multiples In Your Life

The cult classic dynamic-do-all gets a matte makeover.
Sometimes, a healthy flush is all you need to look pulled together. And this, my friends, is the most natural looking healthy flush found in stick form. Available in a range of colors for your lips and cheeks, this product gets our

Best Of Beauty 2013: Cheeks

Here's a rundown of all the topnotch products to make our cheeks lifted, sculpted, and flushed.
Since we are done with the best skincare products and top face bases, let’s move over to the best blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. While foundations are created to make the canvas smooth and clear, the cheek army is tasked to bring life and dimension to