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7 Men's Shoe Brands to Check Out for the Stylish Gents

A gentleman never compromises quality.
Since the 1950s, Marikina has been known for having the best handcrafted and export-quality shoes. And thanks to the efforts of young entrepreneurs who have built brands that support the town's local artisans, Marikina's shoe industry remains alive today—dare we say it's thriving,

6 Types of Men's Dress Shoes and How to Tell them Apart

Learn the basics and stash a pair in your closet!
While sneakers are practical for everyday casual wear, there is nothing like having a classic pair of dress shoes that can elevate your style. Unlike your trendy kicks, most classic dress shoes will last you several years. Though learning the different styles

This Dress Shoe Can Instantly Transform Into A Sneaker In Seconds

So cool.
We're all about transitional dressing and multi-purpose style, so you'd best believe this ultra-cool drop from New York-based label 1017 ALYX 9SM has us totally enraptured. Yep, believe your eyes: That's a sleek men's dress shoe transformed instantly into an of-the-moment chunky sneaker in

3 Flatforms That Add Height Without Sacrificing Style

Sometimes you just need a break from heels.
Switching up your shoe game with footwear that isn't a stiletto is not only rehabilitating for your feet; it'll also give you a chance to broaden your horizons with height-adding shoes. In fact, platform shoes are equally as effective in making any

A Girl's Guide To Men's Shoes

Truth be told, understanding men's shoes is far easier than understanding actual men.
Brogues and oxfords are two different terms most of us are guilty of using loosely when referring to men’s dress shoes. Let’s face it; as much as we love to borrow these from the boys, half the time we’re hardly able to

Shoe Special: Where To Shop Closed Shoes In Manila

From pretty ballet flats to comfy loafers, know where to get them.
Not everyone can wear heels, but it’s impossible to meet someone who doesn’t own a pair of comfy flats. Whether you’re a laid back gal who favors slip-ons and loafers, a sweetie who’s always in ballet flats, a preppy chick who likes

10 Most Iconic Shoes That We Love

Here's a list of statement footwear that we went gaga for through the years.
Trends come and go, but there are some that stay for decades and become iconic pieces. Considered as the most important accessory to any outfit, shoes have been and will always be a girl’s best friend—it’s way cheaper than diamonds, and can

Lloyda Lim Tan's Favorite Pairs Of Oxford Shoes

The Preview Best Dressed alumna picks 10 out of 100 pairs from her collection.
After being exposed to the retail industry at a very young age, it’s certainly not hard to picture Lloyda Lim Tan to be a remarkable figure in the style circuit. The Product Development Manager for Giordano Philippines, blogger, and mother of two

Commute-friendly Flats Below P3000

Love flats? Take a pick from LeBunny Bleu's latest collection.
Admit it. After a day of walking in these posh steppers, you’ll want to give your pretty feet a well-deserved break. As much as we love wearing heels, flats have always been and forever will be our go-to shoe on regular days.

Style Guide: Boy-meets-girl Shoes

Brogues, loafers and moccasins smartly fit even your girliest ensembles.
Whether you’re going for a preppy understatement or a boy-meets-girl look, a selection of unisex footwear—previously exclusive at the men’s department only—seems to be the perfect component for your outfit. Brogues, oxfords, derbies, loafers, boat shoes, and moccasins (all streamlined for feminine