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These Are Snailwhite's Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

There's more to this Thai beauty brand than their famous Whipp Soap!
Barely two years since it launched in the Philippines, Snailwhite has become nothing short of an online beauty sensation. The Thai brand's promise of a "glass skin glow" bodes so well with everyone obsessed with K-beauty, punctuated by the influence of its

7 Brightening Products That Can Fade Your Dark Spots and Scars

You don't have to live with pigmentation forever!
Hyperpigmentation, or dark spots as most of us call it, is a common skin issue that affects basically everyone. It could be caused by sun damage, aging, or acne, and it falls under two general categories—the kind that fades almost immediately and

We Found a Body Cream That Can Instantly Brighten Your Skin Tone

See how fast it works.
Patience is a virtue when it comes to brightening products. Even the most effective ones can take a few weeks to properly work their magic, and that's 100% understandable. That's just the way properly-formulated skincare works. However, that doesn't mean that products

7 Brightening Product Lines That Will Help Fade Your Dark Spots

This way to spotless skin!
It's time to move on from the lemon juice and baking soda tricks. Your skin deserves better—better ingredients, more advanced skin care technology, and actual results. For dark spots, you need the most effective beauty products with brightening properties. Pick and choose

7 Ways To Stay Radiant

And protect your milky white skin.
While summer may be the season of the sun, others might not be as quick to embrace the season’s skin-darkening ways.  Though a bevy of skin-brightening products lay at consumers’ disposal, we’ve whittled everything down to these tried and tested favorites. All

Get Glowing In An Instant

We've found a new pick-me-up: Yves Rocher packs a hefty botanical punch in this brightening elixir and is especially made for Asian skin.
I’ve had my share of skin woes, but ever since I started working, dullness has been a constant battle. Between getting less than eight glasses of water a day to weekly sleep deprivation, I’ve had to work a wee bit harder to

Hot Right Now: Neostrata Enlighten Trio

Here's a new set of brighteners to try now.
If wearing sunblock is something you really can't get the hang of, we're pretty sure that one of your major skin issues now are those dreadful dark spots. Finding the right product that works can be tedious and frustrating, so to save

Beauty Lab: Iskin New York Transformation Kit

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tested out the skincare line for 30 days.
Whiter and more translucent skin is the common goal of most Filipinas. Any bottle that says “Brightening” or “Whitening” instantly widens their eyes. They go straight to the cashier to take the whitening concoction home. In fact, women in their mid-20s should

Beauty Benefits Of Carbon

How black can equal beauty.
Black isn’t necessarily the ideal color we all look for when shopping for beauty products. We usually like the consistency of our creams and cleansers to mirror what they promise–white, soft and smooth skin.  But an exception to this rule, a dark