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Ayn Bernos Opens Up About Getting Breast Surgery at 27

She advises to consult with your physician!
Ayn Bernos has never been one to shy away from telling her story. She's always been transparent about herself, and vocal about her advocacies. Specifically, she talks about self-love, confidence, body acceptance, and more, whether it's an in-depth podcast track or a

Here's Why The Symbol For Breast Cancer Is A Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon as we know it today ties together many events in history that have paved the way for discourse and research about breast cancer.
Every 15 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.It is the most common form of cancer among women and the second most common cancer in general. Decades ago, breast cancer was not really spoken or written about. Only a handful of

30 Celebrity-Inspired Pink Outfits to Try for Your October OOTDs

Support breast cancer awareness in your own stylish way!
As reported by the International Agency For Research on Cancer, somewhere around the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 19 seconds. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, it kills approximately 40,920 women yearly in the United States alone.

This Yoga Instructor Survived Cancer Twice

And she never gave in to sadness.
Last March, I was diagnosed again on my right breast. I had a radical mastectomy for it, so now I'm completely flat. My left breast was removed 12 years ago. I was so used to the single-breasted life, had been featured in

This Breast Cancer Survivor Never Stopped Working

"We are more than just cancer and surviving it."
Most people's journey with cancer is that they don't just stop with their lives. That's always been my thing, I didn't want to get into a hole. If you do, it's very difficult to get out of.When I used to work with

Pia Wurtzbach Joins in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The beauty queen encourages us to "join in the fight to heal our universe."
This year, Philip Stein, the luxury timepiece brand steeped in a wellness-focused philosophy, renews its partnership with the ICanServe Foundation in a shared advocacy to support, educate, and empower women in the fight against breast cancer!The ICanServe Foundation roots itself in the

You Have to See These Looks from the 2017 Fashion Can Serve Show

Style for a worthy cause.
The ICanServe Foundation, along with six of the country's most talented designers—JC Buendia, Ito Curata, Cary Santiago, Vania Romoff, Mia Arcenas, and Rosenthal Tee—came together to present Fashion Can Serve 2017, a fundraising show to send this year’s message of hope and

This Is the Ultimate Pink Accessory You Need for Your Car

You can support a good cause for every purchase of these valves!
As millennial pink continues to reign supreme as this year's hottest hue, it's only natural that you'd also want to dress up your car in the same shade. Without risking turning your ride into a Barbie mobile, tire company Bridgestone knows exactly what you

How to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Be the change your body needs.
Our biggest trouble with breast cancer is that most of us are not sure how we can avoid it. The disease is too common in women that it rings familiar enough for us to ignore its severity. For some, it takes the

"I Got Breast Cancer at 26, and I Had Just Gotten Married."

Crisann Celdran of ICanServe Foundation opens up about why you should get yourself checked.
The majority of women with breast cancer will be diagnosed over the age of 50. Statistics show that only five percent of all cases occur in women under 40. Generally, it is very rare to be diagnosed in your 20s unless you

All the Celebs Who Walked at This Year’s Fashion Can Serve Runway Show

See Heart Evangelista, Karylle, and Megan Young walk for a cause!
Raffles Makati saw the strongest women with their friends and loved ones who support them in every step of the way. The ICanServe Foundation once again held a gathering for a cause in partnership with Philip Stein, staging an auction and runway

5 Good Reasons to Touch Your Bumps for Lumps

Call it self-love.
"Damn, I’m going to miss my boobs. They were pretty good boobs,” Rita Nazareno told herself at 38, after finding out that she had stage 2B cancer.In the Philippines, most women don’t perform routine self-exams because they do not know how, because

Rich Men Prefer Smaller Boobs, According to Studies

Socioeconomic status has something to do with it.
You've probably wondered why guys in general prefer big boobs to small ones. Well, here's an interesting fact that will satisfy your curiosity. Two studies were conducted to find out the reason behind this and what factors are related to this preference. The first research showed

The Breast Cancer Exam You Can Do at Home

Take this 3-step self examination today!
October is breast cancer awareness month. If you don't have time to schedule a doctor's appointment, there's another way to check yourself without getting cold feet. This three-step self examination is an easy and smart way to stay conscious and aware of

How I Found My Personal Style After Breast Cancer

A cancer survivor shares how the disease fortified her fashion choices.
Ed's note: To advocate awareness for breast cancer this October, Preview talks to four women who have battled against it and won—one of them is Zacarias creative director Rita Nazareno. Below is her inspiring story on how she saw fashion as an