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This Al-Fresco Cafe in Marikina Is Perfect for a Chill Day

It's got a carefree vibe you won't want to leave.
You can find all sorts of cafés in Manila, and for many of these places, there tends to be an overarching philosophy of "more is more"—whether that's in the form of eye-popping aesthetic interiors, high-tech brewing equipment or machinery, and the like.

Here's Where You Can Buy Siargao's Famous Smoothie Bowls in Manila

No need to travel far to get your fix!
Remember the good ol' pre-pandemic days, when summers meant taking a trip to Siargao and frolicking under the sun the whole day? Vacations at the island were always made more memorable with a visit to Shaka Cafe—the all-day breakfast spot known for

These Ready-To-Eat Bacon Crisps Are Perfect for an Easy Breakfast

You can snack on them straight out of the bag, too!
There’s nothing like filling yourself up with strips of crispy bacon every morning, paired with egg, and, of course, a cup of rice to complete your plate. Bonus points if you go with sinangag! Now, if you treasure your breakfast time, we’re sure

"Pancake Cereal" Is Going Viral on Tiktok and It's Super Easy to Make

We're obsessed with this cool breakfast hack!
If you're wondering why pancake boxes are harder to find during your grocery runs, it's probably because people are stocking up their pantry with this useful and versatile grocery item. Besides the obvious pancakes, you can make waffles, mini doughnuts (a la Lil' Orbits),

McDonald's Breakfast Faves Are Now Available for Delivery All Day!

Pancakes for lunch, anyone?
How are you holding up in light of the ECQ extension? It's been a tough couple of weeks—and you deserve to treat yourself every now and then. Comforting breakfast food might just do the trick! Luckily, McDonald's Philippines has announced that their breakfast selection is

Skipping Breakfast Might Not Be That Bad After All

It may even be good for your diet.
For years, your mom reminded you to eat breakfast because it's "the most important meal of the day." But skipping it might not be so bad after all.Tim Spector, a professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College in London, blames poor quality research

7 Breakfast Foods You Shouldn't Eat in the Morning

Too bad. They're all so yummy!
The best kind of breakfast should fuel your body for your activities lined up during the day. It should also boost your metabolism, keep your weight down, and fight diseases. Not all breakfast staples are healthy to eat in the morning, though,

Slappy Cakes

The fun and interactive D.I.Y. breakfast spot is now in Manila.
Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food probably never dined at Slappy Cakes. With pancake griddles built right into the tables, diners are given bottles of batter and are left to their own devices to craft their very own short stacks.The