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10 Best Designer Bralettes to Level Up Your Laidback Outfits

It makes quite the layering piece!
Since innerwear became au courant in the 1990s (thank you, Calvin Klein!), the fashion set has become more open to wearing pieces that people least expect to be worn in public—like say, slip dresses and bras. One piece that’s been around is

4 Closet Staples You Can Wear on Even the Hottest Summer Days

It's a hot girl summer— both figuratively and literally.
I don't know about you but today was an insanely hot day. I had a hard time functioning, and I really had to fight the urge to switch on the AC. Today's scorching hot temperature inspired me to check out outfits that

12 Laidback Ways to Wear a Bralette, as Seen on Chelsea Valencia

The freshest 'fits from this thrifty YouTuber.
Chelsea Valencia's got a hip and extremely enviable wardrobe comprised of baguette bags, oversized blazers, wide leg trousers, and even vintage button-downs, but we're noticing that a titan item in herrepertoire is the bralette. She wears them with anything, and she does

15 Stylish Ways to Wear a Bralette, as Seen on Heart Evangelista

Here are cool ways to style a bralette!
There's something about Heart Evangelista's sophisticated style that turns jeans or sneakers into extra stylish closet must-haves. To add to this growing list, we decode all the ways she wore a bralette. Yep, that quarantine fashion fave that you can both wear indoors and outdoors.

Chic Ways To Wear Bralettes Without Showing Too Much Skin

Style balance achieved!
We've noticed a spike in bralette sales during the quarantine period. We weren't surprised because compared to the usual padded and underwire bras we wear every time we're out, this type of "loungerie" is super comfy. They don't poke on the skin

Little White Bras Are the Top of Choice, According to Influencers

It’s become a key styling piece.
Something’s brewing within the sea of smocked dresses and luxe loungewear. Little white bras have surfaced as a key styling piece among a number of celebrities and influencers on our radar. Unlike the proliferation of Calvin Klein sports bras we saw a

10 Not-So-Average Bra Tops to Wear so You Can Beat the Heat

Get ready to shop!
If you're feeling a little loungewear fatigue, you're not alone. While we're privileged enough to work from home, cabin fever is way too real, and it can truly mess up with your mindset. To combat this, studies have shown that dressing up every now

LOTD: How to Wear Your Bralette to Work, According to Sam Richelle

So chic and office-appropriate, too!
At work, we're often restricted to wearing certain things—and with good reason. Because of course, you wouldn't want your officemates or clients to be distracted by your provocative choice of clothes, would you? But clever fashion girls can always find a way

Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Bralettes

In and out, or layered over and under!
If your boyfriend keeps asking why on earth you keep wearing your bralette over your shirt and not under it, roll your eyes at him. No, seriously. There are tons of ways you can wear that lacy little thing, and these street