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Heart Evangelista Just Showed Us the Prettiest Way to Wear Braids

She peppered her locks with Chanel brooches!
Heart Evangelista's got a number of real clever styling tricks up her sleeve these days, count the half-unbuttoned denim skirt thing and her genius scarf evening gown among the best. And the latest in a growing string of brilliant hacks? Check out

9 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

Shorter hair doesn’t mean harder to style!
Short hair, yes, you care. A lot of girls are scared of taking the plunge and finally getting a short haircut because it'll be harder to style, but the truth is far from what you think. While closely-cropped locks don't usually make

5 Classic Hairstyles You Should Master in Your 20s

Meet the new classics.
Hair used to be only fastened or unraveled. Now, updos are casual, bedhead is fresh, braids are simple. Here, new face Clara Aseniero wears them all with crisp new takes on the white shirt—after all, hairdos come and go, but white button-downs are forever.The

5 Braided Hairstyles Girls in Their 20s Should Master

Essential hairdos right here.
Once you hit your 20s, your hairstyling skillset should include more than curling and straightening. Braids, for one, are amazing go-tos for a photo-ready look. But if you're not sure where to start, we asked hairstylists Mong Amado and Mycke Arcano for

LOTD: Why We Love Iza Calzado's Loose Fishtail Braid

Braids are back, and in a major way. The Fall/Winter 2016 shows saw plaits of every twist and turn strutting down the catwalk, but for everyday hair, simplicity is key.Exactly why we love Iza Calzado's slept-in fishtail braid by Jan Edrosolan so

3 Ways to Turn Your Shoelace Into a Fashion Accessory

Aside from, you know, actually wearing them on your sneakers.
Looks like we're all tied up. Ten days ago, Katie Rosebrook tweeted a photo of herself sporting a choker fashioned from a sneaker shoelace ribboned around her neck, declaring in the caption that she'd "never gotten so many compliments." Since then, her post

LOTD: Megan Young's Glam Braid

No hair extensions needed.
Braids are one of the first hairstyles you learn to do on yourself as a child after the ponytail. The simple weaving is hypnotic for a young girl, enough to make it stick as a fond beauty memory. As we grow older

The Braided Hairstyle You Should Be Rocking This Summer

Check out the celebs who we've spotted rocking the trend.
Braids have been a constant go-to hairstyle since the time we got acquainted with multi-colored hair elastics back when we were in the first grade. Just when you thought every possible braid had been documented and archived on Tumblr and Pinterest, the different

10 Hairstyles Perfect For When You Commute

Look cute while you commute.
Commuting daily is something that really takes a lot of time and effort out of your daily routine, instantly cutting down your time for getting ready in the morning. This sometimes means having to streamline your everyday hairstyle into one look. Since

How Katy, Rihanna and Kendall are Rocking Pigtail Braids

They're back!
A new staple for your look to become on point is one you've mastered since grade-school slumber parties: The Braided Pigtail.This year, our beloved plait has been updated and remade to suit every cool girl in us. Even Cara Delevingne rocked the Pippi

How To Make A Stylish Splash With A Mermaid Braid

Get this swept-by-the-sea look by following this quick and all-natural mermaid braid tutorial.
Want a romantic look without having to book yourself an appointment at the salon? Try the uber-femme mermaid braid! Step 1: First off, gently wash your locks with Hana shampoo to keep it soft and smooth and get it ready for styling. Dry hair and

How To Get Katniss-like Braids

Here's how you can cop the do that started a rebellion.
Still on the topic of Katniss Everdeen, one thing we all couldn’t help but take away from The Hunger Games series are her always on-trend plaits. Admit it, you at one point probably asked your friend to braid your hair in the