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9 Thai Boys' Love Series That Will Have You Swooning

Heartwarming stories, teenage angst, and charming lead actors? What else could you ask for!
It hasn't been long since a bevy of boys' love series first took over our screens, and by the looks of it, they're here to stay. The genre is undeniably charming, so it's no surprise that almost every local production house has

Here's Why Everyone's Absolutely in Love With Thai Series "2gether"

It's every queer person's dream love story.
It's official, social media's fallen hard for Thailand's newest Boys' Love (BL) series. Officially titled 2gether: The Series, the show, which currently averages 2 million views per episode on YouTube, is based on a novel by Thai writer JittiRain. It's one of

There Might Be a New Boys' Love Series Set in the Philippines Soon

Writer Juan Miguel Severo has already started preparing for the pitch!
A new Thai TV series called 2gether: The Series is currently enjoying positive reception from viewers, particularly ones here in the Philippines. The drama is about a fake relationship between the two lead characters, college students Tine and Sarawat, who eventually begin