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11 Cute Hairstyles You Can Do with Ribbons and Bows

It's a lazy girl's dream accessory.
To be honest, it's easy to get stumped with hairstyle ideas, especially in the morning when you're too frazzled to think creatively. When all else fails, we often turn to the default 'do every girl has mastered—the ponytail. But did you know

LOTD: We're In Love with Kim Jones' Classic LBD with a Twist

All it takes is some attention to detail.
The word "classic" may occasionally be associated with the word "boring," but a true-blue fashion girl reads a whole other dictionary altogether. Enter Kim Jones, whose dainty take on the timeless little black dress has got us in (literal) knots!Upgrade the wardrobe

5 Ruffled, Ribboned Looks We're Stealing from Anne Curtis

Too sweet!
We'd be the last to ever declare that the ruffles and ribbons of your childhood should be left there, and Anne Curtis obviously agrees—who rocks the saccharine little girl look better than this full-grown woman? This season, anything sweet becomes ladylike when

LOTD: Anne Curtis Is Bringing Back This Classic Hair Accessory

See how she styled it here.
As toddlers, we were very experimental with our hair: Bejewelled barettes, eccentric braids, and pigtails were obvious favorites. But fast forward to 2017, we'd rather have a fuss-free haircut that looks good on its own. Except, of course, when spicing up our

The Oversized Bow: Janine Gutierrez vs Jennifer Lawrence

Who wore it better?
Girls will always have a thing for bows whether it’s on a neatly wrapped present or on the small of their waist. Backstage at Giles Fall 2015, models were spotted sporting wispy braids held in place by satin ribbons. It’s cute, especially