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Four Must-haves To Look Your Best In The Rain

This is the way to keep dry.
When it rains, it pours. The past few days have been extremely wet and wild for Manila and we think it’s time we teach you how to cover the basics. There are four things every fashion girl needs when it’s sad and

Boots Made For Walking, Jumping, And Dancing

Between treading uneven ground and jumping to your fave song, these booties are sure to nail your street cred.
If stilettoes can make you look sexy, a pair of boots allows you to do almost everything a pair of heels can't—like tread uneven ground, jump to your heart's delight, dance like nobody's watching, even bike, perhaps? You see, from being exclusive

Boot Camp

Here are 31 hot stompers you can wear in this tropical setting.
We may not experience seasons such as fall or winter but what we have―extreme rain showers―is more than enough reason to make wearing boots acceptable. Gone are the days when we just sit back and see the rest of the world flaunting


Doc Martens' new campaign and recent exhibit encourages you to stand for something.
Doc Martens has always been known for campaigns that stand out and call out. Its holiday campaign celebrates free-thinking individuals and the things they stand up for. Hence, they are encouraging its patrons to do the same—to stand up for something. After

Style Guide: Booties

Cap off your rainy day ensembles with this season’s crop of tough-girl booties.
While we’re not over the heavy hardware of the boots of yesteryear, we’re serving up three booties that are not as brash and bold but still stunning in their own right.With the rains pouring almost everyday and as we approach the cold