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10 Best Bookstores in Metro Manila for the Absolute Bibliophile

Whether you're in need of some down time or in search of the next great read.
There are few places in the Metro that you can truly escape to. We’re not talking about bars, but if that’s how you roll, we don’t judge. If you are more into peace and quiet—and maybe after a possible meet-cute moment—bookstores are

Get Up to 90% Off at the World's Biggest Book Sale in Pampanga

Check out all the exciting things you can do this week!
Spice up your life with this week's Preview Finder and check out all the exciting events you can attend!Book nerds, unite! It's time to restock on a book (or 15) for your personal library because the biggest book sale in the world is coming

10 Light Reads You Can Bring to Your Next Getaway

Feel-good stories for your reading list.
There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the pages of a good book, and with the scorching summer heat beating down on everyone, it’s hard to resist the urge to reach for an easy read. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to

Meet The Filipina Who Helped Launch the Harry Potter Books

Charisse Meloto has worked with iconic books and brands that have made children voracious readers.
Just like many other children her age, a young Charisse Meloto read through her fair share of books. She remembers leafing through the pages of a paperback copy of Clifford the Big Red Dog and laughing out loud at its illustrations. She

Kevin Kwan Talks About a New Book and an Upcoming TV Series on Crazy Rich Asians

New crazy high-rollers are coming soon to a television near you.
We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about it: Author Kevin Kwan is back with Rich People Problems, the third installation of the Crazy Rich Asians series.The novel drops today, and while we’re excited for you to read all about the latest exploits of the ridiculously moneyed Young, Shang, and T’sien families,

This Book Reveals What It Truly Takes to Be a Style Icon

Dissect the fashionable lives of Audrey Hepburn, Zhang Ziyi, Karlie Kloss, and more.
To help us answer one of fashion's most mystifying questions, Italian brand Tod's has produced a book that delves into the lives of modern fashion icons. Entitled Timeless Icons, this volume is a tribute to household names like Audrey Hepburn and Gisele Bündchen, and it

8 Books We Can't Wait to Read This 2017

Time to rebuild our libraries!
One of our New Year resolutions (it's not too late!) is to read more. Nothing fuels creativity like a good book! That said, here are eight releases—all rich and rife with culture, mystery, tears, and laughs—set to come out in the next

Stylish Books to Binge Read During the Holiday Break

'Tis the season for fashion.
Whether you’re a closet voyeur or an Insta freak, read up and indulge in your guilty pleasure with these stylish enablers. Because the holiday break is long, cozy, and a whole lot of chill.IMAGE National BookstoreCAPTURE YOUR STYLE by Aimee Song, National

Here's a First Look at Margaret Zhang's New Book

She pays homage to Australia and her fellow youth.
If you're an avid reader of Margaret Zhang's blog, Shine by Three, then prepare to get your hands on its cousin. The fashion multi-hyphenate is releasing In the Youth of Fury, a book of visual essays that doubles as her first solo print

Daphne Paez Shares Tips on How to Live the Rest of Your Life

This one’s for you, young fashion girls!
She is most likely not at the top of your social media feed but you have to credit lifestyle maven Daphne Paez for blazing the trail for the bloggers and social media superstars you religiously stalk on the web today. At a

5 Books to Read on a Rainy Day

Curl up in bed with these literary wonders.
We have been inundated with way more than our fair share of downpours in the past few weeks. Suspension hurrahs, flood-soaked shoes, and overdone “waterproof” jokes aside, we’d be hard-pressed to think of anything better than curling up in bed and cracking

My Two Cents on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

"I was in denial of having to face the possibility of reading an alternate sad ending."
When I heard the news about the release announcement of a new Harry Potter book, I wasn’t really sure if I should buy it or not. I was in denial of having to face the possibility of reading an alternate sad ending,

7 Books That Will Feed Your Wanderlust

Get inspired to travel more by checking out these books.
Books are fascinating. They spark emotions. They also take you to places you've never been before. They provide nuggets of wisdom or inspire you to do extraordinary things, like seeking out and exploring new experiences and places. Since there can be a lot

5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Books

You won't be needing bulky shelves with these ideas.
Even with the rise of e-books, nothing beats the comfort of sitting down with a book that you can actually hold. From paperbacks to graphic novels or magazines, we sometimes find ourselves drowning in piles that could potentially clutter our homes. Luckily, books can

The Local Celebs Reveal Their Most Unforgettable Reads

Celebrity Book Club approves!
As much as we enjoy gossiping about lip glosses and next season's Louboutins over lunch break, nothing sparks a juicy conversation better than a good book. For the record, we think geek is totally chic, and nothing could be more stylish than