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These Body Treatments Target Bloating, Cellulite, and Loose Skin

Sculpt away those excess inches.
Beauty services, whether quick with instant results or effective after a series of sessions, deliver on a promise. Looking for guarantees? Here's a checklist that ticks off the issues of every body:You're pretty happy with your body, but if you think an inch

Here's How Gabbi Garcia Shut Down Her Body-Shamers

She doesn't care about her stretch marks and neither should you!
When the sun's out, beach photos are bound to flood everyone's Instagram feeds. Local celebrity Gabbi Garcia is no exception, recently posting two consecutive bikini photos to kick off the summer season. The first of which, however, garnered several comments targeting her body shape.Not

How to Moisturize Your Body Without Feeling Sticky

Get your body glowing.
As citizens of an extremely humid country, we've all probably began swearing off moisturizing our body at one point. Our most common complaints include the fact that everything feels too sticky or that it's just not hydrating enough. It's definitely a struggle!

LOTD: This Trick Will Make You Look Better in Off-Shoulder Tops

Bare that shoulder with confidence.
With a bit of makeup magic, off-shoulder tops can look like a dream in photos! That's exactly what Kylie Verzosa's trick was in her photo below, and if you look closely, you'll definitely notice how big of a difference it makes.Cop a similar

The Truth About Tech Neck

And what you should do about it.
The struggle is real. That weird posture of inching one’s head forward from the center of one’s shoulders, that crooked neck furthered by a hunched back attuning the entire body to a focal point that is technology, be it a tablet, a

5 Shortcuts to Getting Glowing Skin

Fake it till you make it!
1. Exfoliate. Incorporate a microfiber cloth into your daily cleansing routine. Use it with your facial wash and massage your face and neck gently with the cloth. You’ll notice that your skin will instantly look brighter and feel softer. 2. Lock in as much

6 Things You Say That Are Actually Fat Shaming

FYI, a person can be fat AND beautiful.
"Fat shaming," as found in Urban Dictionary, is a term for the act of bullying someone for being fat, or telling someone who's fat that she's lazy, disgusting, and worthless because she's fat. It's whatever that implies or directly says that a