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Try These Body Care Tips If You're Dealing With Dry Skin

Struggling with rough elbows and knees? Here's how to solve it.
While you may have your skincare routine down pat, there’s a slight chance that you could be neglecting body care. This becomes an issue when you’re dealing with dry, rough skin. Remember: Nourishing your body is just as important as nourishing your face.

These Are the Best Skincare and Body Products We Tried in 2020

For glowing skin from head to toe.
Though skincare has always been at the forefront of our self-care routines, spending most of the year indoors gave us a chance to step up our game with it more than usual. This obviously lead to some great discoveries, ones that we

5 Body Washes That Can Help Fade Dark Spots on Your Body

Even out your skin tone sans the harsh scrubs!
Dark spots can appear anywhere, from the face, shoulders, to the legs. While they'll eventually heal over time, upgrading your skincare routine can help speed up the process. If you're struggling with back acne, or if you want to treat the dark spots on your legs, add these

Miss the Spa? Try These Relaxing Scented Body Washes, Soaps at Home

Cleanse your skin and soothe your senses.
When you're in dire need of relaxation but can't run to the spa, changing your usual body wash or soap to something with a soothing fragrance can be your quickest fix. That way, you aren't just cleansing your skin but soothing your senses.Check

7 Skincare Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing in 2020

Are you still sleeping with your makeup on?
It might not be January anymore (although it was one looooong month), but it's not yet too late to commit to your New Year's resolutions and start working towards your goals! If you're aiming to score clear skin by the time 2021

This P290 Body Wash Makes My Showers Feel More Luxurious

This body wash could upgrade your routine, too!
Love Beauty and Planet's Majestic Glow Body Wash with Murumuru Butter and Rose has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Body Wash of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview

Take a Step Towards Sustainability With This Affordable Bath Line

Here’s what you need to know about Love Beauty and Planet.
What makes you pause when you’re scanning the shelves at the supermarket, trying to figure out which product will make it to your shower shelf? Apart from how a formula makes your hair and skin look and feel, it’s nice when they

8 Body Washes and Soaps That Will Clear Up Your Bacne

Wash off those breakouts in the shower.
Whether you've had pimples on your back since your teen years or the holiday stress is causing them to become extra red and inflamed, the point is, bacne is annoying and it needs to go, like right now. If the products you're

Angel Locsin Is The New Face Of Palmolive Naturals Body Wash

And shows off the secret to her touchable skin.
With Angel Locsin’s busy schedule, it’s hard to squeeze in some proper pampering. “Being busy is a blessing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, pero kailangan din natin ng time to recharge and pamper ourselves para mas confident tayo,” she

Best Of Beauty 2013: Hand And Body

Take a look at our favorite hand and body products that rocked our world in 2013.
Your body is a temple, so you shouldn’t neglect it. It needs refurbishing and repairs, and our list will tend to every nook and cranny from sheets to the streets. So, for the last leg of our Best of Beauty 2013 list,

Instant Makeovers From Beauty Bar

The beauty playground has new products that can glam you up in a flash!
Beauty Bar has been serving us beauty treats for almost a decade now. Their unconventional and hard to find beauty brands make them a curated superstore of beauty loot. Their online shop has also helped Filipinas get their Beauty Bar fix without