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Harnaaz Sandhu on Her Body Shamers: "The Way You Look Never Matters"

The 22-year-old Miss Universe firmly believes that true beauty lies beyond one's appearance.
It's only been four months since Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe 2021 crown, but her reign has already been nothing short of inspiring. ICYMI, the 22-year-old Indian is currently in the Philippines for a couple of guest appearances, one of which

Here's Why Sue Ramirez Couldn't Care Less About Mean Comments and Body Shamers

"Wala akong pake na nilalait nyo ako. Ang pake ko, bakit kayo nanglalait in the first place?"
Even before she embodied the gutsy character of Lexy in The Broken Marriage Vow, Sue Ramirez has always been a fighter. Starting out in show biz at only 13 years old has practically made her immune to any bashers.In a recent upload

Maris Racal Has the Best Response to “Payatot” Comments

"Ngayon, 2022 na, hindi na welcome yung mga body shaming, as in."
ABS-CBN talent Maris Racal admitted to bouts of insecurity about her body at a time when she was doing teen roles on television. This was revealed by the 24-year-old "Pumila Ka" singer in an exclusive interview  in's live stream show PEP

Maymay Entrata Reveals She Was Bullied in School for Being "Too Skinny"

"Since bata palang ako sobrang insecure na katawan ko, dahil sobrang payat," the singer-actress confessed.
With her humble yet bubbly personality and explosive stage presence, it's not easy to say one bad thing about Maymay Entrata. In fact, her show biz career, albeit still fresh at 5 years, has definitely been a fruitful one. Aside from scoring

Nadine Lustre Likes Her Body Now, But Here's Why She Still Won't Let the Shaming Pass

"I've seen a lot of things on the internet that would make people feel insecure or think twice about themselves...I just wanna try to make a difference at least or change something."
Food in surf town Siargao where she's been spending most her time "is just so good" that Nadine Lustre said she doesn't really mind putting on weight.While she takes no issue in weight gain and likes her body the way it is now,

10 Times Filipina Celebrities Shut Down Body Shamers

"Remember to love every inch of you," as Angel Locsin once said.
It’s no surprise that celebrities are bombarded with hateful comments online. Thanks to social media, they can be way more connected to their fans than ever—and unfortunately, that means a lot more space for folks to hate on them, too. And for

Here's What Angel Locsin Has to Say to Her Body Shamers

She believes we're all perfect with whatever weight or appearance we have.
In June 2021, Angel Locsin shared a peek at her new diet plan, showing that she has been on an 800-calorie diet. Angel recently opened up about the reason for her weight loss journey, saying in an episode of the online show

Gabbi Garcia Has the Best Response To Body Shamers

She wished for their character development.
The pandemic lockdown has taken a toll on all of us in various aspects of our lives, and for some, it's physical. Gabbi Garcia shed light on this issue in a recent tweet of hers calling out body shamers.The 22-year-old Kapuso actress

Saab Magalona Shuts Down Body Shamers and Reveals She Gets Fit For Her Kids

"I hope more women realize that [body shaming] comments are more of a reflection of the commenters rather their own bodies."
Young mom Saab Magalona knows the pressures of looking good after giving birth. Being a celebrity puts her under the microscope of the public eye and she's experienced how nitpicky and mean netizens can be. That said, she's no stranger to being

7 Local Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Body-Shamers Like a Boss

They stood their ground and made their voices heard amid all the negativity thrown at them.
Body-shaming is something that most—if not all—women have personally experienced. When we were younger, we might've come across a tita or classmate who made inappropriate remarks about our weight and body—"Ay, tumaba ka, no?" or "Grabe, ang payat payat mo naman." And

Geneva Cruz Had the Best Reply to a Basher Who Commented "Ang Itim ng Singit"

The singer-actress fired back at netizens for their tasteless comments on her swimsuit photo.
March is International Women's Month and it's a time to celebrate and lift each other up. Yet strangely, there are still those who find simple joys in bringing down other women. One such celebrity who can't seem to escape body-shaming remarks is

Rhian Ramos Just Shut Down Her Body-Shamers with the Best Response

"If there's anything someone else doesn't like [about] my body, eh 'di wag nila gawin sa sarili nila."
Being a public figure, Rhian Ramos is no stranger to unsoliticed remarks about her body. Last year, she became the center of body-shaming comments on social media. Netizens pointed out her drastic weight loss, even speculating that she had an eating disorder.

Kris Bernal Reveals How She Deals with Body-Shamers Online

"Waking up every day to people commenting on my body wasn't easy at all."
Kris Bernal has an important reminder for everyone: Body-shaming is never okay and no "body" is perfect. Kris has always been vocal about this issue, having been on the receiving end of harsh comments.In 2017, the actress slammed people for constantly telling