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Kris Bernal Reveals How She Deals with Body-Shamers Online

"Waking up every day to people commenting on my body wasn't easy at all."
Kris Bernal has an important reminder for everyone: Body-shaming is never okay and no "body" is perfect. Kris has always been vocal about this issue, having been on the receiving end of harsh comments.In 2017, the actress slammed people for constantly telling

Ylona Garcia Had the Best Response to Bashers of Her Braless Selfie

Real breasts aren't perfectly symmetric, after all.
Ylona Garcia has been hit by body-shamers since she uploaded a braless selfie on Facebook last June 29, 2020. Over the past weeks, her social media account has been littered with stinging comments about her boobs, calling them "lawlaw" (saggy) or "hindi

These Local Celebrities Had the Best Clapbacks Against Body-Shamers

Because everyone has the right to defend themselves, no matter their follower count.
People receive unwarranted comments about their bodies all the time, be it from family members, friends, or even distant relatives. Celebrities are no different. In fact, being in the public eye means they're inevitably exposed to negative remarks from strangers as well.

Moira Dela Torre Had the Best Response to a Body-Shamer Before Her Wedding

She handled the issue with grace and kindness.
Moira Dela Torre has officially tied the knot with her now-husband, local singer Jason Marvin, and she was a beautiful, blushing bride wearing an off-shoulder Patricia Santos wedding gown. But days leading up to their wedding date, did you know that Moira actually experienced

How Jasmine Curtis-Smith Responded to Being Body-Shamed Online

And what we can all learn from her about loving our bodies.
Jasmine Curtis-Smith caught Instagram's attention early this month when she posted a photo of herself bathing in a hotel somewhere in Bali, Indonesia.Her photo now has over 100,000 likes. The comments section was filled with similar positive reactions, including one from her sister, Anne

Here's How Gabbi Garcia Shut Down Her Body-Shamers

She doesn't care about her stretch marks and neither should you!
When the sun's out, beach photos are bound to flood everyone's Instagram feeds. Local celebrity Gabbi Garcia is no exception, recently posting two consecutive bikini photos to kick off the summer season. The first of which, however, garnered several comments targeting her body shape.Not

Here's Why Even a "Fat Chick" Deserves to Wear a Bikini

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
When I was a little girl, I remember being told that I would be more beautiful if I lost a significant amount of weight. It should be well and duly noted that term used was “beautiful,” not healthy or fit, or a

Jessy Mendiola Is Not the Barbie Girl You Think She Is

This real-life doll doesn't come in size zero.
Jessy Mendiola has all the makings of the pretty doll we all played with and adored as little girls: she’s got big doe eyes, porcelain-like complexion, and a picture-perfect face that’s incapable of taking a lackluster selfie. But to set the record

Body Shaming Increases Risk of Obesity, According to Studies

Fat-shaming someone does more harm than good.
Fighting for body love has been an uphill battle. We always get comments about how the movement glorifies obesity, when in reality, that's not at all what body love, body acceptance, or body positivity is. It literally just means loving your body

Jennifer Aniston Slams Tabloid Media for Body Shaming

“For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up.”
Celebrities are noticeably the primary victims of tabloid media when it comes to dating or pregnancy rumors and fluff pieces. Most especially in Hollywood, the paparazzi follow them around and go full throttle at stalking, scrutinizing every tiny detail about the stars’