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Nadine Lustre Likes Her Body Now, But Here's Why She Still Won't Let the Shaming Pass

"I've seen a lot of things on the internet that would make people feel insecure or think twice about themselves...I just wanna try to make a difference at least or change something."
Food in surf town Siargao where she's been spending most her time "is just so good" that Nadine Lustre said she doesn't really mind putting on weight.While she takes no issue in weight gain and likes her body the way it is now,

10 Times Filipina Celebrities Shut Down Body Shamers

"Remember to love every inch of you," as Angel Locsin once said.
It’s no surprise that celebrities are bombarded with hateful comments online. Thanks to social media, they can be way more connected to their fans than ever—and unfortunately, that means a lot more space for folks to hate on them, too. And for

Here's What Angel Locsin Has to Say to Her Body Shamers

She believes we're all perfect with whatever weight or appearance we have.
In June 2021, Angel Locsin shared a peek at her new diet plan, showing that she has been on an 800-calorie diet. Angel recently opened up about the reason for her weight loss journey, saying in an episode of the online show