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10 Best Body Scrubs to Try for Smoother, Glowing Skin

Slough away dead skin as you shower!
When dealing with rough skin and dead skin cells, you can always count on exfoliators and scrubs to nurse your skin back to smoothness. They'll get rid of the dirt and pollutants that cling onto your skin every time you step outside—not

The Best Exfoliating Body Scrubs and How to Properly Use Them

Smooth out those rough elbows and knees!
You may regularly be exfoliating your face, but how often do you exfoliate the rest of your body? Considering that commuting always compounds the gunk and grime that stick on you on a daily basis, exfoliation should be part of your cleansing

This Grooming Tip Will Change the Way You Shave

The secret to silky smooth skin.
Truth be told, not everyone is patient enough to wait for the next trip to the salon to bare their legs and underarms, especially with the ridiculous heat we’re experiencing. The quick solution: whip out your razor! It’s quick, painless, and cheap.

Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast With This Coffee Scrub

Say bye-bye to your lady lumps!
I’ve waxed poetic on my love for coffee before, but the list of beauty benefits keeps on growing! Turns out, reusing your coffee grounds makes a mean cellulite-fighting scrub. With the caffeine kick tightening your skin, it gives off a more toned

Weekend Must-try: Pevonia Tropical Rejuvenation

Emerge silky-smooth after this relaxing spa experience.
After a long week of writing articles and late nights, I signed myself up for a relaxing appointment at The Spa. Not knowing what to expect, I opted for Pevonia’s Tropical Rejuvenation, a body scrub coupled with a soothing yogurt mask.The session

Bath Time Buzz

Up the luxury factor of your soaking experience with these bubbly picks.
Though stewing in your own filth calls to mind gruesome images of multiplying bacteria and such, a bath works pretty well at washing the day’s stress away (trust me). Add a scented candle, some bubbles, and one of Norah Jones’ albums in

The Spa Fountain Of Youth Package

Style Bible's Nikki Santiago checks out The Spa's latest anti-ageing treatment.
TREATMENT: Fountain of Youth Package at The SpaDURATION: About 2.5 hoursWhat is it? The Fountain of Youth Package is an anti-ageing treatment made up of two parts: the Age Defense Treatment (facial) and the Toning Bamboo Revival (scrub and massage). It promises “refreshed