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10 Dewy Moisturizers That'll Give You a Glass Skin-Level Glow

Cop a dewy glow in a flash!
Every time your skin is lacking in the glow department, some highlighter can easily fix that problem. The effect is practically instantaneous—and with the right formula, no one but you will know the difference.But on days when you want that "glass skin"

10 Things You Can Gift Yourself This Valentine's Day in the Name of Self-Love

Because you don't need to wait for a special someone to be treated the way you deserve!
No date this Valentine's day? No problem. You can dedicate those 24 hours to giving yourself the best self-love treat instead, just because you deserve it. And just in case your version of a self-care day involves some shopping, we rounded up

These Liquid Lipsticks Are So Light You'll Forget You're Wearing Them

Cop a fully-colored pout sans that lipstick-y feel.
Gone are the days when you have to withstand a dry, heavy feeling just to wear a matte lip. Lightweight, barely-there liquid lipsticks are all the rage now, and they perform like interesting hybrids of a lip tint and a matte lipstick bullet.

The 10 Best Lipsticks We Tried in 2019

Our most-used and abused lip colors of the year.
The sheer number of lipsticks out on the market right now is overwhelming. And yet, that's what made 2019 such a good year for that makeup category. Brands became more motivated to stand out, whipping up formulas, textures, and shades that you'd

15 Best BB Creams to Try, According to Your Skin Type

For that "your skin, but better" vibe.
BB creams used to seem like a fleeting product trend, originating from Germany and gaining popularity once it hit Korea. But years later, many beauty enthusiasts still swear by this non-foundation as their go-to base product—the way that it bridges makeup and

10 Nude Lipsticks That Look Just Like Your Lips But Better

Find your perfect MLBB shade!
As much as we love experimenting with different lip colors, the most-used hues in our makeup bag will always be nude lipstick. It's perfect for practically any look, be it for day or night, and just gives your complexion a gorgeous hint

How to Transition Your Makeup from Day to Night

Learn from international makeup artists!
Four international makeup artists take your holiday makeup game from day to night.Planning to paint the town post nine to five? Estée Lauder’s Bobby Wang gives you a fresh start for the day. Stay true to color with your foundation no matter

Bobbi Brown is Leaving Her Eponymous Beauty Brand

It's official.
Less than ten days towards the end of 2016 and this year still has some big news to spew—Bobbi Brown, founder of the eponymous beauty brand, is to step down from her label's helm starting 2017.Estée Lauder Companies (which also owns MAC,

Cushion Compacts Are the New Beauty Must-Have

It's the best thing that's happened to foundation.
When it comes to new beauty innovations, trust that the Koreans will always be first. Their latest offering: the cushion compact—what might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to foundation. These stamp pad-like devices promise easy application with a smooth

WATCH: How To Get the ‘Glow’

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Fresh, glowing skin is always in style and no one does it better than Bobbi Brown. Because really, when your skin looks good, who needs all that makeup? Here, Bobbi Brown’s Tamara Pineda demonstrates how you can recreate that flawless complexion the

A Peek Inside a Preview Editor's Makeup Kit

Features and Copy Editor Jae De Veyra Pickrell shares her stash and tips on perfecting a cat eye.
Don't let the number of products mislead you. Recently, I've become somewhat of a makeup minimalist, only really concerned about filling in my unfortunately sparse eyebrows. But since decency and my job dictate that I try harder, I line my eyes, too—begrudgingly

The Ultimate 5-Minute Beauty Hack for Girls on the Go

Time it if you must.
Is your schedule tighter than your skinny jeans? Are you always using “I didn’t have time to put on my face” as an excuse? For all the busy working girls out there, this one’s for you; a quick 5-minute beauty recipe that’s

WATCH: How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps

Kilay-obsessed girls, this one’s for you.
Ask any makeup artist or beauty editor what the fastest trick to a put-together face is and their answer would be good eyebrows. Despite taking up a fairly small amount of space, brows have the power to make or break one’s look.

3 Makeup Counters to Visit for Free Makeup Lessons

No need to go to the salon!
To a beauty junkie, makeup counters are more than just a filling station of products. It’s the go-to spot for instant beauty tips served by the experts themselves. Seeing that Valentine’s is fast approaching, we’ve rounded up a few on-counter makeup services

This Makeup Routine Will Have You Ready in Minutes

Pretty in a flash!
The need for speed grows each day. We just want things to be done in minutes because we've got no time to waste. Since we can't do anything about traffic-laden rush hour and we don't tolerate tardiness, we can save time by adjusting

A Mestiza Girl's Makeup Must-Haves

Who's the fairest of them all?
Having fair skin is both a blessing and a curse. For starters, a lot envy your milky complexion; while on the other hand, there are days when you just wish you had more color on your face. For those of you facing

A Morena Girl's Makeup Must-Haves

Enhance your natural golden glow with these items.
While some think that having a perma tan means having to stick to dusky bronzes and tangy tangerines, there’s certainly more going on for those blessed with a natural golden glow. It can even be the perfect canvas for pretty pastels! Here,

3 Essential Tools to Create the Perfect Smokey Eye

So easy!
Nothing spells out drama like a smoky eye. And even though there are about a million ways to create this look, it’s not always easy. So here, we give you a rundown of three of the easiest products to use to create

7 Awesome Concealers for Your Under Eye

So long, dark circles!
No one wants dark circles under their eyes, ever! They make you look old, sad, and tired. That said, we round up seven tried-and-tested concealers that will instantly brighten those annoying dark spots.Pro Longwear Concealer, P1,250, MACIt’s pigmented enough to conceal and