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15 Classic Hair Dye Ideas That Will Transform Your Look

You'll love these classic and flattering shades!
Even though we'd love to try every hair color under the sun, we can only have one at the end of a salon appointment. Thankfully, it's just hair—it grows back, and more importantly, you can always dye it another shade next time.

Laureen Uy Just Dyed Her Hair Blue and We Are Obsessed

She documented the whole transformation and it will make you want to do the same!
Laureen Uy is the latest to jump on the classic blue hair trend, but her take on the look comes with an interesting twist: She didn't dye her locks blue all the way; instead, the blogger got a two-toned look, which she

I Went After My Dream Hair Color and It Was Worth It

If it's meant to be, it will be.
I’ve had variations of red-violet hair for as long as I’ve been working in Preview, and one day I was like, maybe I should go dark again? I’ve sacrificed so much already for my red hair. I don’t expose my hair to