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We're in Love with Kryz Uy's Chic Maternity Session Shot at Home

If you thought the ECQ was going to stop her from documenting her pregnancy in style, well, you thought wrong!
Kryz Uy is on her last trimester, which means she's only a few weeks away from becoming a full-fledged mom! Of course, being one of the country's OG top fashion bloggers, this milestone just has to be documented in style. And this

Tricia Gosingtian Just Launched Her Fashion Label and We Want Everything

Hinhin is "for the quiet girl whose inner universe is hardly ever silent."
It's all straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie scene, we're telling you. Tricia Gosingtian has just dropped her fashion label called Hinhin, and if you're into gauzy florals and prairie-appropriate chic perfect for frolicking in lavender fields, you'll want to buy everything.Tricia's

The Blogger Besties Are in Hong Kong for Camille Co's Bachelorette Weekend

They had a blast for #HereCamsTheBride!
The #BloggerBesties are in Hong Kong, and if you still haven’t guessed yet, it’s for Camille Co’s bachelorette weekend! The bride-to-be is joined with her best girls—Laureen Uy, Lissa Kahayon, Patricia Prieto, and sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso—for the first night of

LOTD: Renee de Guzman Will Convince You to Finally Wear Visors

She'll make you want to wear one, in or out of the shade!
For the past few seasons, visors have been that headwear trend that's flown under the radar, unjustly not getting as much love as berets and pageboy caps. While Renee de Guzman is very obviously a chic believer in the latter two, it

7 Chic Ways to Style This Universally Flattering Skirt

This skirt silhouette is for everyone!
There's no denying that you can absolutely, positively wear whatever you like and however you like it, but time's proven that some things simply look great on everyone. Today's example: the a-line skirt! Its flared-out shape cinches your waist without clinging too

8 Blogger Jowa-Approved Tips Every Instagram Boyfriend Needs to Master

Learn from these pros!
"Behind every blogger is a supportive Jowa making sure that the photo is perfect."This seems to be the Blogger Jowas' motto. The @BloggerJowas Instagram account (which has more than 90,000 followers the last time we checked) shows us what it's like to take the perfect Instagram photo, based

5 Cool and Current Ways to Wear Denim Right Now

Time for an update!
Last year saw mom jeans, huge cuffs on wide legs, two-toned homages to the '90s, track stripes, and then some dominate our wardrobes, and while all of those are totally still en vogue, don't you want to know what's even newer? We're

14 Chic OOTD Pegs for Nailing the Bike Shorts Trend

You know you wanna ride this hype.
Yep, what goes around comes around. Bike shorts have cycled right back into style, courtesy of Chloe, Off-White, Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2018 runways—among others, that is, signifying this token '90s look's landslide return. But of course, rely on

Here’s How You Can Launch a Blogging Career

Heed Laureen Uy's expert advice!
Blogging is no joke, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication if you want to turn it from a simple hobby to your future bread and butter. Most importantly, in order to be a successful blogger, you have to

On Social Media Fakes and Copycats

Is internet really the place where creativity dies?
On a scale of one to 10, how original are you?Say, when you bought your first tube of liquid lipstick, did Kylie Jenner’s infamously pouty lips have anything to do with your decision to make that purchase? Can you swear on your

8 Petite Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Style inspiration right here!
Less than blessed in the height department? No problem! When it comes to dressing a small, delicate frame, these ladies have perfected just that. Don't let their diminutive features fool you—their outfits pack a stylish punch and are more than suitable for

10 Stylish Lolas to Follow on Instagram

There's no age limit for both fashion and social media.
The world puts so much importance on youth—anti-aging serums, young Hollywood on magazine covers, youngest achievers lists, and just about anything to do with being young. But breaking away from the drift are senior citizens who aren’t afraid to proclaim their age,

Here's Proof That Logo Baseball Caps Are the New It Accessory

For the maddest hatters.
Your golf-lovin' dad and our fave ultra-chic style pegs have at least one thing in common—an affnity for logo-stamped baseball caps. Don't believe us? Everyone from Nadine Lustre to Rihanna has got their head in the game, so we recommend you grab

Meet the Philippine Winners of Influence Asia 2017

We couldn't be prouder!
Last April 8 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the top social media influencers across seven countries gathered to celebrate Influence Asia 2017, the continent's largest social media awards show."The theme for Influence Asia 2017 is 'For The Future,'

10 Things You Need to Know About Cha Ocampo

Cozy up to this 20-year-old blogger.
Social media is only a fraction of one’s life, and for 20-year-old blogger Cha Ocampo, there’s more to her than what people see online. With over 90k followers on Instagram, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Black” may not seem like a typical college

12 Chic Bloggers From Every Age Group to Follow Now

The very definition of staying young at heart.
Newsflash: being ashamed of how old you actually are is so passe, ladies. In these times of jubilant, unabashed self love, age really is nothing more than just a number! Whether you're a teenager or well into your forties, know that you