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What Are Pore Vacuums and Do They Really Work?

Should you be vacuuming your pores? Here's what a dermatologist thinks.
We've all seen beauty tools go viral every now and again, and one that recently went trending on TikTok is quite the intriguing one: Pore vacuums. As the name suggests, this DIY facial tool uses a suction mechanism to remove impurities from

Here's How You Can Finally Get Rid of Those Pesky Blackheads

But first, ditch those pore strips!
Out of all the breakouts we can get, blackheads are by far the most persistent. They'll keep coming back as long as you haven't found the best way to remove them (not pore strips, by the way)—but don't worry, because we plan to

How to Get Rid of Blackheads Without Using Pore Strips

Less icky solutions right this way.
Our unanimous dislike for blackheads is a no-brainer. Which is why, we want a quick and convenient way to get rid of this pesky skin issue! And that, of course, are pore strips. These stick-on miracles solve our dotted troubles in a