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Beauty Vlogger Anna Cay's Top 5 Designer Items Include a P36,000 Notebook

Her favorite designer items range from sneakers to jewelry, and even a super chic agenda!
Beauty vlogger Anna Cay isn't only a household name in the beauty community for her sought-after honest reviews and makeup tutorials (she recently did a makeup look you can totally wear with a mask on!), but also, her luxury haul videos whenever

Have You Ever Wondered Why Hermès Bags Are So Expensive?

There's a reason why the likes of Heart Evangelista, Marian Rivera, and Jinkee Pacquiao are obsessed with their Kellys and Birkins!
A status symbol of wealth and power since its founding in 1837, Hermès' bags remain as highly coveted today as the French brand's luxury leather equestrian goods were back then. It's undoubtedly a legacy thing. But still, heritage can't be the only

You Have to Watch Jamie Chua Matching Her OOTDs with Her Hermès Bags

She featured five of her favorite Birkins!
Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua is already famous for her enormous, 200-pieces-and-counting collection of Hermès bags, and in case you needed any more reason to be fascinated with her glitzy lifestyle, there's no better way to fuel your obsession than by watching her

Watch Jamie Chua Unbox Her Newest, Ultra Rare Hermès Bag

She's a collector, alright!
For a fashion girl, there are few things in life as exciting as opening a special little present for you, from you. They say money can't buy happiness—but it can buy some shiny, brand new designer arm candy you've worked hard to

Jane Birkin Auctions Her Own Hermès Bags For Charity

She's auctioning two vintage Hermès bags!
Start your week with all the latest happenings in the world of fashion:Jane Birkin, the woman who inspired the now-iconic and most coveted Hermès Birkin bag, auctions off two of her Hermès bags for a good cause. The singer is donating her Haut

This Airline Lost Jeffree Star's New $60,000 Hermès Birkin

An absolute nightmare!
Traveling by plane is part of the many exciting things about taking a vacay, but the anxiety of waiting for your check-in luggage to roll out your designated baggage terminal is definitely not as thrilling. Especially if you, for some reason, thought

Here's a Closer Look at the World's Most Expensive Designer Bag

We're pretty sure you've heard of the Hermès Himalaya Birkin!
So why are collectors from around the globe positively obsessed with the Hermès Himalaya Birkin? Well, to start, it's quite literally the world's most expensive bag—boasting of 18-karat white gold hardware, supple, meticulously dyed crocodile skin, and a generous sprinkling of more than

Heart Evangelista's Hermès Birkin Has Its Own Custom Denim Jacket

No, seriously.
Heart Evangelista's closetful of Hermès arm candy is enviable in itself, but did you know that she occasionally dresses her bags as well? You'd best believe your eyes. Here, check out the adorable mini denim jacket her Birkin is wearing.The custom, Swarovski-bedazzled cover

This Beauty Review Mentioning Heart Evangelista Is Going Viral

That escalated quickly!
It's not uncommon to scroll through the reviews section while debating over whether you should buy that product that just so happened to catch your eye. A bit of “love the coverage this cheek tint gives” or “this lipstick could last me

Dr. Vicki Belo Reveals How She Acquired Her Customized Hermès Kelly Bag

"You really can’t just go in there and get a customized bag. You really have to be an old customer and you have to buy many things."
Dr. Vicki Belo has an obvious penchant for designer bags, and we recently spotted what's arguably her new favorite: her customized Hermès Kelly bag. There are many things to love about this specific arm candy: one would have to be its rarity. "I

This Is What Happens to the Leftover Leather at Hermès

It goes somewhere handy.
Even in the workshops of Hermès, where the processes of creation have been mastered for nearly two centuries, scraps are unavoidable. The sort-of cocoon from which a bag emerges and the slivers of leather that did not make it onto that perfectly

Drake Reveals That He's Collecting Birkin Bags for His Future Wife

We're already jealous of the future Mrs.Drake!
Drake's music itself is enough to make an entire arena swoon, but he has something else up his romantic sleeve other than sick beats and lyrics. Apparently, Grammy awards aren't the only ones he finds worthy of collecting. The rapper has also

This $379,000 Birkin Is the World's Most Expensive Bag Ever Sold

It's from Hermés, of course.
To no one's surprise, an Hermés Birkin bag just broke the record for the most expensive bag ever sold. Auctioned off at Christie's Hong Kong for $379,261, the sale surpassed the 2008 record holder by $79,000.IMAGE Christie'sThe record-breaking handbag is a matte

You Can Own an Hermès Birkin for as Low as P200,000!

If no one outbids you, that is.
Salcedo Auctions is offering two Hermès Birkin bags for their June 3 auction called "The Collectors' Sale." They're both unused and completely brand new, but that's not the very best part—if no one goes against you, you can win the bid for as low

7 Things That You Can Buy From Hermès Other Than Its Iconic Bags

The brand has more to offer than Birkins and Kellys.
Luxury fashion house Hermès is, undoubtedly, famous mostly for its bags—supple Birkins and covetable Kellys dangling from the arms of many well-heeled celebrities; croc-skin Constances slung casually across the shoulders of a pretty socialite; a gorgeous Herbag spotted skimming the streets at Fashion

Was It Heart Evangelista Who Bought the Most Expensive Birkin Ever Sold?

You won't believe how much it costs.
Apart from Heart Evangelista’s obsession for all things white, it’s also no secret that she has a penchant for designer bags, particularly Hermès Birkins and Kellys. The 31-year-old actress has one in every color imaginable, so it doesn’t exactly surprise us whenever

8 Times Heart Evangelista Gave Us Major Birkin Envy

She has it in different materials and colors!
When it comes to designer bags, there’s probably no style more coveted than the classic Hermès Birkin. Named after British style icon Jane Birkin, the bag is so highly valued that some even claim it's a smarter investment than gold or stocks.One

Why a Birkin Bag is a Smart Investment

Forget gold and stocks.
Better believe this piece of news—it’s backed by an actual study! A new analysis by Baghunter states that the Hermès Birkin has increased in value by over 500% since its launch in 1984, Luxury Daily reports. Compared to gold (the most popular commodity) and the S&P

A Neoprene Celine

Plus 9 other designer beach bags.
Out of Italy comes Save My Bag, splash-proof versions of the Céline Luggage Tote or the Hermès Birkin, etcetera. At the pre-selling event at the Manifesto Gallerie in the Fort, Style Bible got a closer look at the Poly-Lycra beauties. To our surprise, the material was different

Here's Why We'd Love To Raid Marian Rivera's Closet

We'll give you a peek at this bride-to-be's precious collection of designer pieces.
If you drooled over the thought of raiding Jinkee Pacquiao’s closet, brace yourselves because we’ll give you yet another reason to dive into another wishful thinking. Of course, you already know how much we love virtually stalking our December-January Preview cover girl