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Which Riverdale Character Is Your Style Twin?

Take fashion tips from Betty and Veronica!
Unless you're living under a rock, then you probably know about everyone's latest TV guilty pleasure: Riverdale. Setting aside the fact that we're still getting used to The CW's dark revamp on the beloved Archie comics, we just can't get enough of

Is Riverdale the New Gossip Girl?

Why you need to get on it right now.
When I first learned about the Archie’s TV show, I was skeptical. Because even if I am a child of the 90’s, I personally saw it more as a novelty during school book fairs than a cultural marker. But just after watching

The New Betty Cooper Has Abs, and Archie, a Bieber Haircut

Welcome to 21st century Riverdale.
The freckle-faced, redhead teen from the little town of Riverdale is back with the rest of the pack and a new wardrobe. Archie Andrews and his pals are hipper than ever in the Archie Comics reboot.Archie’s signature red head is now sporting

6 Comic Book Characters Whose Style Actually Rocked

Forget the superhero costumes, these ladies know how to rock it sartorially.
Long before I started reading fashion magazines, I’d keep myself entertained with the funny stories Archie and his friends had to share. Veronica Lodge was my favorite mean girl. I always thought her clothes were better than Betty Cooper. So with the