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Sarah Lahbati and Bela Padilla Both Love This Minimalist Belt Bag

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Sarah Lahbati and Bela Padilla are giving off major French girl vibes with their recent OOTDs. The two were spotted sporting neutral-hued ensembles, both accented by a minimalist waist cincher–a tan Polène Paris belt bag we're currently obsessed with!Polène Paris is a

Sarah Lahbati Teaches You How To Wear A Belt Bag To The Office

Yep, it ain't only for weekends.
We don't blame you for associating the belt bag with those cool kids' '90s street-flavored OOTDs. It does, after all, have heavily utilitarian roots, much like beloved the cargo pants and bucket hats they love in equal measure.Sarah Lahbati puts those mental

9 Stylish Belt Bags to Help You Stay on Trend

You know you just gotta have one.
With the revival of 90's fashion, belt bags seem to be the breakout trend eclipsing every other Instagram OOTD. If you're up to joining all the cool kids getting in on the fanny pack boom but can't tell which of these bags

5 Cool Ways to Wear the Belt Bag

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We at Preview HQ are unabashed fans of the fanny pack (in fact, we can hardly shut up about it). Look ma, no hands! Here, let us show you five funky-fresh ways to style this tourist trap favorite—sans the sweat.Produced and styled

This Is the Cool New Way to Wear Your Belt Bag

Sling it like you mean it.
If the belt bag's comeback hit you like a ton o' bricks, you're not alone—we didn't exactly expect the tour guide staple to become an actual fashion statement (no matter how great life is hands-free). We 100% love the fanny pack now,

Are Belts the New Cool-Girl Staple?

Fashion food for thought.
Let's be real here: Belts never were for just keeping your pants up—at least not for the fashion kid. It's a truth more acknowledged now than ever before, and all we needed was a quick scroll through Instagram to confirm our suspicions.

LOTD: This '90s Bag Trend Is Making a Chic Comeback

And Chiara Ferragni is making a strong case for it!
Fanny pack, belt bag, bum bag—call it whatever you want! Thing is, it's definitely back on trend. We've seen them on the runways of Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Couture, which is enough proof of this '90s relic's resurrection. Although, of

How to Wear the Fanny Pack

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Banish all images of sweaty tourists mulling around town. The fanny pack is enjoying a stylish resurgence, finding itself reincarnated for the fashion set by the likes of Celine and Alexander Wang. Think whatever you want, but the belt bag's got us