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7 Products You Need to Perfect a No-Makeup Look on Acne-Prone Skin

Foundation isn't on the list, by the way!
Achieving a fresh-faced look on acne-prone skin is actually not that much different from a regular "no-makeup" makeup look. The only difference, really, are the products you need to use—your complexion does have different needs, after all!Scroll through this list below to

Maine Mendoza Recreates the Internet's Most Popular Memes

This girl is too funny!
There's no denying it: Maine Mendoza is effortlessly funny! So when we asked her to recreate the internet's most iconic memes, she didn't even bat an eyelash. Watch the video below to see how Maine nailed all these memes in hilarious fashion. 

Scarlet Snow Belo Is the Cutest Beauty Teacher You'll Meet Today

This adorable tot will school you on some of the most powerful beauty ingredients!
Scarlet Snow Belo is undeniably cute and smart. The three-year-old (yes, THREE) can already speak full sentences and in multiple languages. And being the heiress of a beauty empire, Scarlet is a natural when it comes to all things beauty! It's no

How to Do a Natural Makeup Look with Maine Mendoza's Lipstick

Makeup artist RB Chanco demonstrates how it's done!
Maine Mendoza's custom MAC Cosmetics lipstick named @mainedcm is said to be an ultra wearable shade of nude that's suitable for all skin tones. But exactly how versatile is Maine's lippe? In the video below, celebrity makeup artist RB Chanco proves that

Here's What It's Like to Have a Luxury Haircut and Color

It's the ultimate salon experience.
What makes a good quality cut and color varies from person to person, but one thing's for sure—the higher the cost, the higher the expectations. So what should one expect from a salon experience worth more than P20,000? We took it upon

Here's How Leila Alcasid Got Ready for Her First Star Magic Ball

She had a little help from her dad.
Leila Alcasid was pretty excited for her first Star Magic Ball. The young celebrity is brimming with personality and never ceases to smile, laugh, and make funny faces (she must've gotten it from her dad, we assume). So for her first major

Here’s How the Korean Skin Care Routine Really Works

K-beauty is not as complicated as you think!
We get it. The “10-step skin care routine” sounds ridiculously time-consuming. And while we agree that it has an intimidating ring to it, you have to really think about why Koreans are notorious for their beauty regime. They do it because it

Solenn Heussaff Proves That Anyone Can Do a Smokey Eye in 3 Minutes

And you don't even need makeup brushes for this!
There’s this common misconception that only professional makeup artists can manage to do a smokey eye, but Solenn Heussaff begs to disagree. In fact, this all-around cool girl claims that it’s entirely possible to create the look in under three minutes!“I like

Here's How Miranda Kerr Did Her Wedding Makeup

She used four lip products on her pout!
During her wedding to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, Aussie model Miranda Kerr wore a couture Dior wedding gown—inspired by the iconic Grace Kelly—that looked like it was straight out of a fairytale. So for her makeup look, she opted for something that befits a

Solenn Heussaff’s Makeup Tutorial Is a Must-Watch for Every Girl

She reveals the ultimate secret to achieving a great look.
It’s no secret that Solenn Heussaff is a multi-hyphenate—she’s an actress, singer, model, and painter. And as if those aren’t enough, she’s also a professional makeup artist! This celebrity doesn’t need an entire team to glam her up because she knows her

This Shade of Dark Lipstick Will Look Especially Great on Morenas

Let celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga help you nail this look.
Wearing a bold lip color can be quite tricky. Not everyone is daring enough to trade their universal pink lipstick for a swipe of scandalous red or dangerous plum. But a dark lippie, when worn right, actually makes for a great statement-making

See the Evolution of Women's Brows Over the Years

A century of brows on fleek!
If you think our fascination for having a strong brow game started only recently, you are dead wrong. Way before Cara Delevingne made headlines with her bushy, on-fleek brows, women were already obsessed with grooming their arches. Try to picture the 1920s

Check Out This 30-Second Tutorial on How to Achieve Dewy Skin

Healthy, glowing complexion in a snap? Yes, please!
While strong brows and red lips may not be everyone's beauty goals, dewy skin, on the other hand, is. After all, a healthy glow doesn't just look fresh, it is also a sign of healthy and well hydrated skin.Contrary to some girls'

Martine Cajucom's Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Complete your holiday look with the perfect makeup to match!
Christmas means it's time to fill up your calendars with an abundance of holiday gatherings, which also means it's time to get your contour out because your cheeks are going to be a little fuller than usual from all the treats. Here's

Mika Dela Cruz's Glowing Skin Makeup Tutorial

Check out the teen actress-turned-vlogger's first YouTube upload.
Joining the long list of local celebrities who already hopped on the vlogging bandwagon, 17-year-old actress Mika Dela Cruz is also dipping her toes into filming beauty videos. For starters, she recently decided to upload her first video tutorial featuring the steps