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10 Cool Ear Piercing Combinations to Try in 2022

Go into the new year with some fresh studs!
2022 is just around the corner, and what better way to usher in the New Year by getting your ears pierced! If getting your ears curated has been one of your long-time entries on your bucket list, we think this is the perfect

What Exactly Is The "E-Girl" Beauty Trend?

And here's how to recreate it, too.
According to The Cut, E-girl stands for "electronic girl." But the earliest Urban Dictionary entry from 2009 defined them to be women who are "always after the D." It was an insult thrown at any attractive "gamer girls" to belittle their presence

What Exactly Is The "Asian Baby Girl" Makeup Look?

And here's how to recreate it, too.
When we think of typical Asian beauty looks, we see puppy eyeliner, pink blush, just-bitten lips, and glass-like skin. For a long time, it's been seen as the standard of East Asian beauty. There is, however, another trend that's been dominating our

The Internet Is on a Heated Debate Over This Intense Blush Trend

More is definitely more with this one!
Forget everything you've seen and heard about wearing "too much blush." There's no such thing. Or at least, that's what makeup artist Netta Szekely wants us to believe.A few days ago, the Israeli artist posted a look she did for a fashion

LOTD: How to Cop Selena Gomez's Orange Monochrome Makeup

We are so copying this look.
Orange you glad that monochrome makeup is a certified 2017 beauty trend? Selena Gomez sure is! Proof: for the red carpet premiere of Netflix's hit show 13 Reasons Why, she stepped out wearing the ultimate definition of a tangerine dream.Are those dangling

5 Beauty Trends to Try From NYFW Spring/Summer 2017

Fresh from the runway!
Contrary to our expectations, the Spring/Summer 2017 beauty looks from New York Fashion Week weren't an overwhelming parade of colors. The whole vibe was generally relaxed with a hint of color here and there, and barely anyone strayed from what's considered as

Glossy Eyes Are Making a Comeback

Sport this beauty trend with a modern twist.
It seems that the makeup world is obsessing over the glossed up look recently. From sleek ponytails and dewy skin to high-shine lips, now we see the rise of glossy lids. While it’s not an entirely new trend per se, the glossy

Here’s a Colorful Way to Update Your No-Makeup Look

Adding a pop of color wouldn't hurt.
The no-makeup look, while it’s easy and fuss-free, can also border on dull and boring. So to subtly glam it up, try to experiment with a little isolated placement of color on your face. A bold lippie may do just the trick,

This Instagram Beauty Trend Takes Swatching to a Whole New Level

It's called #HandMakeup.
It kinda sounds like a Sailor Moon transformation sequence TBH, but #HandMakeup is the Instagram trend that has the online beauty community hooked. So you basically recreate a "plakado" eye makeup look on your hand.Your first questions might be, "Why...?" But it's actually

Frosted Lips Are Making a Big Comeback

The ‘90s beauty trend is back with a bang!
Old beauty trends have a way of slipping through the cracks and making a comeback. Just recently, we reported how the ‘60s clumped lashes a la Twiggy have risen from the ashes to transform mod into the new now. Although, if there’s

What Used to Be Your Mascara Mistake Is Now a Big Beauty Trend

Clumped lashes are back in the beauty game!
The '60s are back, and with it, clumped lashes a la Twiggy. If you’ve never learned how to neatly apply your mascara in a zigzag motion, you can look at this trend as the second coming.Below, a list of our faves showing

14 Beauty Trends That Were Big During The World Youth Day

Admit it, the last time the Pope came to town, you were super-duper into these. But where, where are they now?
Image via mtv.comThe recent papal visit has gotten us flashbackin’, throwbackin’, and reminiscing about our greatest beauty favorites from 1995… even if that’s like, so 20 years ago. 1.       “The Rachel”For those of you too young to remember (woe  is me), “The Rachel” was a

Beauty Trends That Will Carry Over To 2015

Not everything about 2014 should be left behind.
One day you’re in and the next day you’re out—the saying goes not just for fashion as it is also very true in the beauty department. While ombre locks and a few other 2014 trends failed to make the cut (see list

Style Bible Best Of 2014

The battle for the best, the hottest, and the most stylish is on!
No one can deny that 2014 was a big year for both fashion and beauty. Internationally, there were buzzworthy magazine covers (we’re looking at you Kim K.), female artists such as Taylor Swift who has dominated the charts, Kendall Jenner’s baptism to

#flashbackfriday: Our Favorite Lipgloss

They say our lip gloss is popping.
Once upon a time Lil Mama sang about her poppin’ lipgloss and how it was the coolest thing her friends ever laid eyes on.While we’ve already given you reasons why we think bringing back old flames with this beauty product is a good idea, we couldn’t

Here's Why You Should Start Wearing Lip Gloss Again

It's not everyone's jam, but you just might change your mind about the product here.
It might be best to resurrect your puppy love affair with the lip gloss because just like other ‘90s fashion trends that are so in now, the beauty product we all loved as kids is back! It began last summer, and surprisingly,