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How to Cop the "Glass Skin" Look If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

Because everyone deserves that K-beauty glow!
There's a misconception that "glass skin" (A.K.A. skin so glowy it looks like glass) can only be achieved if you already have perfect skin. While having zero skin trouble definitely helps amp up the look, it doesn't mean that those of us

How to Treat Foot Calluses and Cracked Heels

Here's how you can achieve baby soft feet.
Dry skin, calluses, corns, and cracked heels are just some of the most common foot problems. These issues are often caused by excessive friction and pressure on the foot against a hard surface (like the floor, stiff shoes, or ill-fitting footwear). When

Watch Kathryn Bernardo Remove Her Makeup

She's got a pretty clever tip!
Kathryn Bernardo is no stranger to putting on makeup every single day for work—be it full-on glam or a fresh "no-makeup" look. So when we asked her to share her makeup removal routine, she was more than willing to show us in

These Beauty Tips Will Help You Become a Morning Person

Because a satisfying slumber takes good skills.
Morning people have become a rare species. It takes a good disposition and a good breakfast— including good coffee—to get one up and running. But unsurprisingly, all it really takes is a good night’s sleep. If you’re a reluctant morning person (i.e.,

Dr. Vicki Belo Reveals Important Beauty Habits to Follow in Your 40s

She even reiterates where to use moisturizers.
Aging begins at 25; that's a fact, according to beauty experts. But prior to that, said Dra. Vicki Belo, "You’re basically still growing and you’re not aging. "At 25, it starts reversing, so you start getting older. You already start seeing that

How to Achieve a Korean-Inspired Natural Makeup Look

Learn from top Korean beauty guru Jung Saem Mool.
Preview sat down with makeup artist Jung Saem Mool to learn about pulling off that dewy look that highlights a natural kind of beauty—one that’s far from stark and is lit from within. “Natural makeup gives you more confidence,” she says, and we

How to Look Flawless with Barely-There Makeup Like Jennylyn Mercado

Look dewy and fresh with just a few products!
If you're a fan of a low-maintenance makeup routine, Jennylyn Mercado's latest beauty look is for you. Her makeup artist, Rick Martell Calderon, did a gorgeous barely-there makeup look on her just recently. But how exactly did he bring out Jen's glow

These Local Celebs Will Convince You to Try Orange Lipstick

It will be your next favorite lippie!
For some girls, orange lipstick may seem too daunting to pull off in real life, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. The color's warm undertones make it flattering on Filipinas—especially morenas. And just so you know, orange can

What Is Rosehip Oil and Why Is It Good for Your Skin?

It could be the ultimate beauty product your skin's been wishing for.
Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of wild rose bush—and it just might be the all-natural skincare ingredient you've long been looking for! It can give you clearer, flawless-looking skin. Want proof? Here are some of its benefits:Rosehip oil is rich in

This K-Pop Star Uses a 59-Peso Product to Achieve "Glass Skin"

Her skincare routine is unbelievably simple.
The "glass skin" trend started in Korea, so naturally people hang on to every word Korean stars have to say about how they get radiant (but never greasy) complexions. Which brings us to Hyerin, a member of the K-pop girl group EXID. Doesn't

This 3-Step Routine Will Help You Blur (Not Conceal!) Blemishes

It's all in the technique.
It’s a vicious yet common cycle: Blemishes have yet to clear and, already, more resurface. But we’ve had enough. We come armed with the right concoctions to wage a war against the frustration of flawless skin. Photoshop-inspired products have brought about a new

This Girl Only Washed Her Face with Distilled Water to Get Glowing Skin

Here's what happened.
Truth: We're a big fan of tried-and-tested beauty tips from the internet. This way, we won't have to be the guinea pigs in case something horrible happens (half-joking). That said, today's discovery yielded results that are quite impressive.Reddit user fortheloveofpugs89 (her name's Christine

How to Cop Anne Curtis’ Fresh Beauty Look from 'Sid and Aya'

It’s actually pretty easy!
The film Sid and Aya is one of the latest Filipino movie releases to grab our hearts’ attention (even though it’s "not a love story"). The film features blockbuster movie stars Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes, and for those of you who

This Moisturizer Improved My Complexion in Just Three Months

My skin’s glowing, even-toned, and acne-free.
What: SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisture Gel Cream, P2950, available in all Shiseido boutiques and select SM Beauty StoresIMAGE Courtesy of ShiseidoWhat it is:At a press trip to Shiseido HQ in Tokyo, I discovered that the brand’s research has found that women in their

10 Secrets Your Manicurist Knows That You Don’t

We've uncovered the best tricks to keeping your nails flawless!
Stressful week? One of the best pick-me-uppers is binge-watching old episodes of Sex and the City or Gossip Girl while painting your nails with a fiery red or a dainty pastel pink shade. Every girl knows that DIY manicure is fun, but

5 Ways to Keep Your Butt Looking Flawless

Be booty-ful!
While it's not often exposed (unless you're wearing a bikini), having butt acne can be bothersome. So here, we round up the best things you can do to keep your booty flawless!1. Treat it as you would your face.Wash your buttocks with a

The Amazing Way Karlie Kloss Prepped Her Skin for the VS Fashion Show

No wonder she looked totally glowing!
Three years after hanging up her Angel wings, Karlie Kloss made an epic comeback on the Victoria’s Secret runway. It was no doubt one of the highlights of this year’s much-awaited event. Seeing the 25-year-old supermodel walk for the 2017 VS Fashion Show

We've Finally Discovered Rachel Peters' Makeup Secrets

As revealed by her makeup artist, Mark Qua.
In case you didn't know, all pageant candidates are on their own when it comes to doing their hair and makeup, so our 2017 Miss Universe bet, Rachel Peters, needed to learn how to glam herself up before flying to Las Vegas, USA for the competition. And after seeing her recent

How to Do Your Morning Beauty Routine Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Josephine Skriver has tons of beauty tips for girls like us!
If you've ever wondered how a Victoria's Secret Angel gets ready in the morning, then here's a treat for you! Josephine Skriver was generous enough to share her beauty tricks in her video for Vogue. We did the work for you and dissected her

How to Look and Feel Good When You're Extra Stressed

And if you have no time to spare.
Besides the occasional emotional outbursts and messed up bodily functions (e.g. headache and tummy problems), stress manifests on your hair and skin, too. Zits show up on your face, eyebags become more pronounced, your complexion turns ashy, or worse, your tresses shed! Stress, unfortunately, is already part