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Watch Kathryn Bernardo Remove Her Makeup

She's got a pretty clever tip!
Kathryn Bernardo is no stranger to putting on makeup every single day for work—be it full-on glam or a fresh "no-makeup" look. So when we asked her to share her makeup removal routine, she was more than willing to show us in

The Blush Shade for Girls Who Are Trying to Quit Contouring

And it’s right on trend this year.
How can one quit contouring? It makes you look sculpted, so sharp, so svelte! We know plenty of fashion girls quitting the plakado makeup look and trading it in for a fresher, bare, plump-cheeked (if that’s your natural shape) face, but if

How to Make it Look Like You're Not Wearing Any Foundation

It's just one simple trick.
Here's the secret: Don't put any foundation on your nose. Why? Since the nose is the center of the face, the absence of foundation makes it look like you're not wearing any. So by applying foundation just on the parts where you need

This Hack Will Make Wearing a Dark Lip So Much Easier

It's Chanel beauty-approved!
Dark lips aren't solely for special occasions. You can wear this look on the daily by doing a simple product switch, and it's one that Chanel muse Lily-Rose Depp is on board with.In the newest Chanel Beauty Talks, Lily and Chanel's Lucia Pica reveal

This Is the Highlighting Trick That Every Girl Needs to Know

Take your highlighting game to the next level.
It's always a fun escape to check out the current beauty rage—from contouring to baking. But while it's fun to watch your favorite beauty vloggers trying out the different trends out, it can be pretty intimidating to cop the look in real

8 Eye Makeup Tips for Girls With Monolid Eyes

No need for eyelid tape!
Calling all chinita girls out there! If you're struggling to do your eye makeup, we've got you covered. You don't have to scour Pinterest or YouTube in search of the easiest monolid tutorials as we've rounded up below the most basic and

3 Easy Ways to Extend Your Gel Mani

It's easier than you think.
Gel manis are the best but when they've suddenly grown out or start to show signs of wear and tear, I somehow feel close to tears because not only do I have to shell out around P600-P800 again, but I also have

How To Brighten Your Under-Eye Area

Have you heard of retinoid?
Dilated blood vessels, hormones, lack of sleep, and even oversleeping are just some of the most common factors that lead to dark eye circles. Whatever the cause of yours may be, we all know one thing’s for sure: they’re annoying and something

Kathryn Bernardo’s Beauty Tip for When You Get Breakouts

She gets zits, too!
We asked Kathryn Bernardo what her biggest skin concern was and without even blinking twice, she said pimples. “From first to third year high school sobrang nag breakout yung skin ko. After I turned 18 doon lang siya nag clear.” Her go-to

Sandara Park Reveals Her Beauty Secret to Looking Young

She shared a very important fashion tip, too!
At Sandara Park’s Meet & Greet as the frontliner of Penshoppe’s Spring-Summer 2016 campaign, Style Bible got a chance to catch up with the Asian superstar. Being a music and style icon with almost four million followers on Instagram, Sandara shares that

3 Ways to Wear a Dark Lip

Let model-turned-beauty girl Sam Lewis show you.
Since being part of MAC Cosmetics last April, the model turned public relations assistant has had to deal with wearing black all day, every day. With a basic know-how on makeup at that time, Sam Lewis has then gone from safe to

Decoding The Confusing Types Of Makeup Brushes

This cheat sheet will make all our makeup brush woes disappear.
With the number of makeup brushes available, it’s easy to get confused and just succumb to the tempting act of using our fingers to apply makeup. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, makeup brushes are made for a reason as they

The Right Type Of Bangs For Your Face Shape

Know which one will frame your pretty face well.
Do you feel like you look weird without your bangs like Zooey Deschanel? Do you want to conceal your five-finger forehead like Tyra Banks? Or do you simply want to give the fringe a shot because it looks great on Taylor Swift? Sometimes,

Holiday Beauty Looks To Try

Because now is not the time to be shy.
Can you believe we’re already halfway through December? Christmas Eve may still be a few days away, but as early as now we're already being bombarded with a flurry of invitations to various get-togethers. It is the season to be merry and

Are You Killing Your Hair?

Read on to find out if you're actually damaging your locks without even noticing.
Dry, damaged hair is a definite no-no. We live in a country where the weather conditions are so extreme, it can take its toll on our tresses even if we feel like we’re already doing what we can to make sure it’s

5 Teeth Whitening Rules To Live By

Because a woman's smile is her best asset.
Not all girls may agree on makeup, clothing, or hairstyle preferences, but when it comes to our teeth, we’re a hundred percent sure that we all want the same thing: a pearly white lineup that can turn heads in a flash. Hey,

Makeup For Four-eyed Beauties

Let's not hide under our specs, pretty please?
Let’s face it, the new age where almost everything we do is now directly proportional to a computer, a tablet or a cellphone can take its toll on the windows to our soul. Minor astigmatism, near or farsightedness, and different levels of

A Surprising Substitute To Nail Polish Remover

No need to go far from your nail polish stash.
We all go through that phase when our once perfectly manicured tips (usually just a few days old) turn into an unfathomable mess. Chipped polish often leads to the bad habit of peeling and you know that it’s included in our list