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Here's How a Filipino Flight Attendant Keeps Her Face Fresh All Day

No need for touch-ups!
We're always in awe of flight attendants who manage to look fresh during their whole shift. It's just impressive how their faces never get oily, and their eyes appear bright and awake even during long-haul flights.Good thing AirAsia cabin crew Janine Santarina, aka YouTuber HeyyJanine,

Into The Gloss Features Liz Uy's Beauty Routine

The stylist is a beauty girl at heart!
Liz Uy is known for her style; no doubt about that. Thing is, we rarely get to zoom in into her beauty routine, which we could only imagine is as double-tap worthy as her OOTDs. And as it turns out, it truly

Instagramming Before Bed Could Ruin Your Looks

This year, resolve to use bedtime for, duh, sleep.
Just because you still have the energy to party ‘till 4am, doesn’t mean you should lull yourself to sleep scrolling through (and picking filters for) selfies of the night gone done. When you’re young and the choice between Nashville and Walden is

Beauty Trends To Ditch This 2015

Once upon a time, they looked cool—but not anymore.
Now that 2014 is officially over, it’s time to let go of the ugly past and move on only with the good ones worth keeping. And just like your lumpy blue sweater that’s been begging for its retirement, we've rounded up some

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Secret To Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Secret To Beautiful, Glowing Skin
Victoria Beckham has regular "oxygen facials" to care for her skin.The fashion designer is a huge fan of the products and techniques created by dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer—who also advises Kim Kardashian West on how to care for her skin—but her favorite

7 Beauty Myths You Should Forget

Beauty gals, listen up: if you do at least one of these, you have our permission to stop.
Growing up, our moms, aunts, grandmothers and even our grade school teachers would school us on many beauty dos and don’ts; but some of these granny tales are not necessarily factual. Here, we break down seven beauty myths we all fall for,

Ask An Ed: Which Skincare Products Go First?

Boost the power of your serums and creams with the proper layering technique.
While we’ve heard of lengthy 12-step skincare regimens (thanks to the influx of porcelain-skinned K-Pop stars), the question baffling everyone’s mind lies not in the why but the how. Though most are familiar with the three-step system Clinique has popularized, since the