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10 Shades of Dark Lipstick Worth Investing In

The beauty trend is crossing over to 2016.
One beauty trend we super loved this year is the bold, dark lipstick. If you still haven’t mustered enough courage to sport one, now’s the best time to do so since we’re quite sure that the beauty trend will be crossing over

The 8 Most Popular Lipstick Shades of 2015

Can you guess which topped the list?
In its first ever Lipstick Colors of the Year Report, London’s Heathrow airport culled together the sales data from its beauty counters to decipher the favorite lipstick shades of women from all over the globe. Infographic via HeathrowAccording to the data gathered, women

Decoding The Confusing Types Of Makeup Brushes

This cheat sheet will make all our makeup brush woes disappear.
With the number of makeup brushes available, it’s easy to get confused and just succumb to the tempting act of using our fingers to apply makeup. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, makeup brushes are made for a reason as they

Beauty Sins You're Bound To Commit During The Holidays

The first step to is to admit you're guilty.
If there is a time of the year when everyone (meaning students and grown-ups alike) gets a legit more-than-just-a-weekend-holiday, it would have to be the Christmas break. Countless parties and family celebrations, not to mention a slight shift in the weather that

What's The Buzz About Lemon Water?

We assure you, it's definitely worth all the hype.
Ever heard of the rumors that Beyoncé and Mariah Carey only drink lemon water when on a diet? There’s no way to know for sure, but if it were true, we can’t blame them. With all the facts that we know about the super

Yummy Treats For Your Beauty Needs

Just like us, our skin has occasional cravings, too.
Sorry, Mean Girls fans. As much as we hate to burst your bubble, butter is not a carb. And you know what else isn’t? These yummy treats that could satisfy your beauty cravings!From lippies named after candies to tutti fruity body moisturizers,

6 Legit Reasons You Need A Primer In Your Life

To prime or not to prime, is not the question.
Most ladies neglect the importance of a primer, or worse, admit it, some of you don’t even know what it is. A primer is a makeup arsenal must-have that actually has a bunch of benefits. You know how important it is to

#tiptuesday: Chipped Nails No More

All it takes is a bottle and a swipe.
Too busy with work that you barely have time to pamper yourself? Then join the club! No one said it was easy to look perfect, but you can always decieve everyone with quick fixes. We don't expect you to have all the

#tiptuesday: Redness Begone!

And we're not talking about red eyes.
Annoyed by red spots on your face caused by emerging zits, bites, or skin irritations? Then you're in luck because today is all about the quick-fix an eye drop can offer. Not only does an eye drop give you instant relief when

Bianca King's Not-so-secret Recipe To Staying Sexy

Find out how the birthday girl stays in tip-top shape through her Instagram posts.
We’ve seen the pretty birthday girl, Bianca King, grow up on television, and although a lot has changed as she bloomed into the gorgeous lady she is today, one thing has remained constant, her lean and toned physique. By now you should

Beauty Trends: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/summer 2014

Find out which beauty trends stood out at the Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week.
We've just wrapped up Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 last Sunday and we have rounded up the beauty trends that stood out at the runway. As soon as you've finished reading our list, we're pretty sure you wouldn't want to wait for

Man Enough To Get Belofied

Tom Rodriguez is the newest face of Belo.
“My interests are very simple. I like singing, I sketch, I paint, I’m also into boxing, and other martial arts.”We beg to disagree but Tom, you are far from simple―did we mention that he also cooks, is multilingual, is a theatre artist,

Shop: Beauty Staples

We give you a rundown of the latest makeup collections from some of our favourite brands.
We list the latest makeup innovations from Lush, Majolica Majorca, Revlon, Stila, The Body Shop, and Yves Rocher. Read on!LUSHLush introduces a brand new concept in makeup—matching your current state of mind to your choice of colour cosmetics. The Emotional Brilliance Colour

Team Philippines Wins L'oreal Brandstorm

Three ladies from UP tie for first place, besting 36 other teams.
From a pool of more than 60,000 students, two teams composed of three participants were crowned winners of this year’s international L’Oreal Brandstorm competition in Clichy France: Team Brand Up from the University of Chile and Team Eves from our very own

Social Media Abuzz With Belo Men Ads

Cristalle Henares sheds light on the idea behind their controversial ad campaign.
Looks like using percentages in your ads is a surefire way to generate controversy. After the release of Belo Men’s newest advertising campaign featuring whitening products, social networks were set abuzz with furious netizens.One of the ads, featuring the tagline “10% lighter,

Belofy Me!

Belo’s new app lets users try on a look before going under the knife.

Beth Ditto For Mac

The quirky singer releases a candy-coated collection for the makeup brand.
From polka-dotted blush to a cobalt blue mascara, American indie rock singer Beth Ditto's collection for Mac Cosmetics is all about "putting the spotlight on you." In a range of flouro pinks to earthy browns and eye-popping aqua, the 25-piece line urges

The Spanx Family Expands

The retail brand introduces new products to shrieks from women all around Manila.
How do you become the youngest woman, self-made billionaire? You get women’s butts to look better in jeans, that’s how.A brand virtually every modern woman (and let’s face it, most men too) recognizes, Spanx arguably began the shapewear craze that now lines

Beauty Report: Philippine Fashion Week Days 1 & 2

Orange lipstick? Still in! Plus ponytails, slanted parts and a lesson on what makeup to wear when in all red.
Watching anything heavier than light cotton on a woman may sound excrutiating given our current thirty-something weather, but for a few hours this week we have the liberty of being transported to a much cooler time in the near future: Holiday 2012.

No Wrinkles In No Time

Olay Regenerist puts anti-ageing on the fast track with a new cream that reduces wrinkles in just ten minutes.
When it comes to fighting wrinkles, it often seems like an unfair battle against gravity. Years of laughing, squinting and furrowing our brows soon get etched on our complexions, leaving us yearning for the once taut skin we had in decades past.While