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What Is a Tone Up Cream and Why Do You Need It in Your Regimen?

Here's everything you need to know about this brightening skincare product.
The Korean beauty industry is famous for introducing the world to new makeup and skincare concepts—like BB creams, facial essences, and cushion compacts. Their latest skincare innovation...or should we say "skinnovation"? Tone up cream. Ever heard of it? Yes? No?If you're unsure

Here's How a Filipino Flight Attendant Keeps Her Face Fresh All Day

No need for touch-ups!
We're always in awe of flight attendants who manage to look fresh during their whole shift. It's just impressive how their faces never get oily, and their eyes appear bright and awake even during long-haul flights.Good thing AirAsia cabin crew Janine Santarina, aka YouTuber HeyyJanine,

Here's How Many Skin Care Products Most Filipinas Use Before Bedtime

How many steps do you have in your beauty regimen?
The insane reach that the internet has is a great tool for the beauty-obsessed. Because imagine, how else would we have learned of the Koreans' 10-step skin care routine and the French girls' "no tap water" rule if everything wasn't one click

Is It Better to Stick to One Beauty Line or to Make Your Own Assortment?

Preview’s beauty girls put their usuals on hold to try new skin care routines.
When it comes to skin care, trust Preview's resident beauty girls Agoo Bengzon's and Belle Rodolfo's wise words. They road-tested the pros and cons of sticking to just one line of beauty products as well as making your own assortment. Read about it

The Beauty Regimen You Need When You’re in Your 40s

Time to upgrade your skin care products!
They say that life begins at 40. While that may be true, your skin on the other hand may not feel just as young as you think you are. With this realization, it’s time to change and update your beauty products to

The Beauty Regimen You Need When You’re in Your 20s

It’s never too early to take care of your skin.
Girls, skin care is the best gift you can give to yourself. But with beauty guides sprouting here and there, it’s tough to keep track of what’s really essential. And when you get to your twenties, it’s the perfect time for you

3 Beauty Serums to Solve Your Skin Care Woes

Add these to your beauty cart!
While a K-Pop star’s beauty regimen isn’t for everyone, you shouldn’t skimp on face serums, a usually forgotten essential. These magic concoctions offer targeted results with their potent formulas to cater to your specific skin needs. So here are our top picks

Decoding Skin Care Products: Toners, Serums, and Essence

Which goes first on your face?
If you’re a beauty junkie, then skin care would be a must in your daily regimen. But in a sea of beauty products, how can you ever figure out which skin products to use and, more importantly, which one goes first onto

How to Zone Your Skincare Products Like a Pro

An editor’s tried and tested tips.
Being religious about your beauty routine might guarantee you a seat at the #flawless girls’ table but there’s certainly more to skincare than slapping on and layering a bunch of products on your face. Vanities as such is a thing we at

Instagramming Before Bed Could Ruin Your Looks

This year, resolve to use bedtime for, duh, sleep.
Just because you still have the energy to party ‘till 4am, doesn’t mean you should lull yourself to sleep scrolling through (and picking filters for) selfies of the night gone done. When you’re young and the choice between Nashville and Walden is

Beauty Trends To Ditch This 2015

Once upon a time, they looked cool—but not anymore.
Now that 2014 is officially over, it’s time to let go of the ugly past and move on only with the good ones worth keeping. And just like your lumpy blue sweater that’s been begging for its retirement, we've rounded up some

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Secret To Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Secret To Beautiful, Glowing Skin
Victoria Beckham has regular "oxygen facials" to care for her skin.The fashion designer is a huge fan of the products and techniques created by dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer—who also advises Kim Kardashian West on how to care for her skin—but her favorite

7 Beauty Myths You Should Forget

Beauty gals, listen up: if you do at least one of these, you have our permission to stop.
Growing up, our moms, aunts, grandmothers and even our grade school teachers would school us on many beauty dos and don’ts; but some of these granny tales are not necessarily factual. Here, we break down seven beauty myths we all fall for,

Ask An Ed: Which Skincare Products Go First?

Boost the power of your serums and creams with the proper layering technique.
While we’ve heard of lengthy 12-step skincare regimens (thanks to the influx of porcelain-skinned K-Pop stars), the question baffling everyone’s mind lies not in the why but the how. Though most are familiar with the three-step system Clinique has popularized, since the