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7 Long-Wearing Makeup Products That Can Last Any Beach Day

If you simply must put on makeup on the beach, here's everything you need.
Don't let your makeup melt under the intense sun or run under the salty waves. Be sure to stash water-resistant products that won't let you down and ruin your beach getaway. Check out these makeup kit basics that will get you through

3 New Innovative Mascaras for Extra Fluttery Lashes

No need for falsies anymore!
They say that the eyes are the window to your soul., and if you're a beauty junkie like us, then you know that nothing frames them better than fluttery lashes. Considering how wearing falsies can be such a bother, we rely a

10 Face Mists That Will Rescue Your Dehydrated Skin This Summer

Fight the dry heat with this beauty elixir!
You already feel the summer heat, don't you? Well, it's only a matter of time before we experience its full wave. And with it comes the danger of dry skin. Sometimes, water isn't enough to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This

15 Beauty Sticks for Girls Who Are Always on the Go

Expect love at first swipe.
We're all pretty much girls on the go, and most of our beauty problems stem from wanting to perfect our makeup in a short amount of time using the least number of products. Although no matter how many all-in-one palettes we hoard

20 Products to Help You Shrink and Minimize Your Pores

From cleansers to primers, we've got you covered.
We won't get your hopes high—no product can totally zap your pores shut in an instant. But what we can offer you is a list of beauty concoctions that promise to shrink, minimize and, to some extent, cover up those pesky potholes

10 Plum Lipsticks You Need for a Berry Vampy Look

After finding the right #MLBB, here's a lipstick guide on how to wear your statement lippie.
We still can't get enough of dark lips. Who would, when it's an easy alternative for days when a red lip is too bright and that #MLBB lipstick is just too pale. But plums tend to scare people off. When done wrong,

10 Lipsticks That Look Just Like Your Lips Only Better

Seal the deal on that no-makeup look!
If you're a certified beauty junkie, then you've probably heard of the trend, #MLBB, otherwise known as My Lips But Better. Essentially, it's a shade of lipstick that matches your own lip color, just with added depth and intensity.It is the make

Nothing Over P1500: Music Festival Beauty Picks

Music festival beauty must-haves, all under P1500.
We know you're stoked about all the different music festivals coming up. But aside from planning your outfits, the beauty girls in us deem it necessary key to keep yourself fresh, pretty, and SPF-laden during the season. Take a look at our

The Real Deals

Palettes and packs that give you way more bang for your buck.
For most women, shopping for makeup involves a lot of compromise, whether picking one shade of lipstick over the other or debating whether to get blush versus the newest sparkly eyeshadow. No matter what we end up getting, we always find ourselves