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5 Beauty Products You Might Be Using the Wrong Way

Make the most of your beauty arsenal.
Strikingly similar to grammar, the beauty world has its own set of common mistakes. Especially since product myths are everywhere online, there's a slight chance that you, too, are committing these blunders.Below are five possible products that you could be using the

5 Reasons Why Your Blush Looks Awkward

Avoid these common makeup blunders.
Blush can instantly make you look radiant and blooming, but when applied the wrong way, things can go the opposite way! Below are some of the things you might be doing wrong:1. You use the wrong brush. When the brush is too small,

3 Skincare Mistakes You're Definitely Making in the Morning

Start pampering your skin as soon as you get up.
We know that you're always rushing in the morning, but that is not an excuse to neglect your skin. Skincare before bedtime can do heaps, but relying on that alone can dim your glow and bring your further from your complexion goals.

4 Primer-Related Mistakes You're Probably Making

Maximize your primer's full potential.
1. Not wearing oneWe know it seems like an extra step in your makeup routine, but primer helps your makeup last for long hours. You won't need to worry about your eye shadow and eyeliner getting smudged when you dab eye primer