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The 411 On Healthy Scalp

Hair expert Lourd Ramos dishes on healthy scalp FAQs.
Your dreams of having longer, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Unhealthy scalp leads to dry hair, dandruff, hair fall, or worst, permanent hair loss (nooooo!). We pick the brain of hair expert Lourd Ramos on how to keep our mane in

Beauty Insider: Bounce And Sway With Pantene

We pick the brains of PMAP models to find the secret to beautiful hair.
Pantene's new Nature Care Collection features two new variants for smooth, silky hair. Utilizing the cassia complex, their new line enhances hair by wrapping an invisible layer around strands for extra protection. The first variant, Fullness and Life, promises bounce and renewed

Bridal Beauty: Makeup Artists To Book

Portfolios, do's and don'ts and the best advice from seven of the best.
Number of years in the industry: 8Signature look: I've always loved beautiful, clean makeup without having to use a lot of product. I guess my signature look would be the natural "just beautiful" look. I love the look of healthy glowing skin,

Beauty Insider: Jen Gerodias-diaz

Snoe Beauty's co-founder clues us in on the top 10 stars of her homegrown line.
"I've always been a beauty addict," says Jen Gerodias-Diaz. "It's really nice to find products that are not only good for your skin but can also make you happy." The good response she got after gifting her friends and family with specialty

Beauty Insider: J Lee

Nars' Hong Kong Training Manager clues us in on the tricks of the trade to makeup for the summer.
A Painting major from the Sang-myeong University in Seoul, J Lee found her calling for mixing colors and textures not on the classic canvas she was trained in but instead on the faces of many women for both runway and print. Rising

Beauty Insider: Annie And Maggie Ford Danielson

The second generation Benefit sisters let us in on their best tips to highlight your features.
At its core, Benefit Cosmetics has always been a family company. Started by twins Jean and Jane Ford in the late '70s, the sisters set up shop in San Francisco, creating their own formulas at home and trying to please every customer

Beauty Insider: Karyn Khoury

The fragrance expert on what makes the new Coach Poppy the hottest scent to have for fall.
With 35 years under her belt in the fragrance industry, Karyn Khoury knows her scents. Senior Vice President for Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide of the Estee Lauder Group of Companies, Karyn’s expertise in all things olfactory has made her an invaluable member

Beauty Insider: Marco Castro

The Nars makeup artist clues us in on the hottest trends to try for the season.
Peruvian makeup artist Marco Castro landed on Philippine shores for the first time last month to introduce Nars' newest collection to the local media. An amalgamation of rich jewel tones and metallics as with the sparkly darks of Delphes Trio Eyeshadow and

The Age Debate

Dr. Nicholas Perricone on his star products and how you can stop the tick-tock of the aging clock.
Reprinted from Preview May 2009, as compiled by Agoo Bengzon. Celebrated dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone knows a lot about skin. Founder of the skincare cum nutriceutical line, Perricone MD, the good doctor made a career out of giving women potent advice and

Tooth Fairy

Dr. Olivia Francisco gives us the 411 on teeth bleaching.
You're never fully dressed without a smile, that's true, but your megawatt grin can lose its luster if you neglect to keep it bright and polished. Not only do you stand out when you're beaming, but a whiter smile can instantly add

Cristine Reyes At The Omg! Awards

Jigs Mayuga dishes working with the actress for her red hot appearance at the recent award show.
"The makeup and hair was insipired by Madonna's Nothing Really Matters Video," makeup arist Jigs Mayuga said of Cristine Reyes' severe pin-straight hair and striking red lips at the OMG! Awards last June 21. The actress was literally black, white and red

What To Expect When You're Expecting

Dermatologist and pregnant mom Dr. Aivee Teo clues us in on what pregnancy can bring on the beauty front.
With Mother's Day just around the corner, this one's for the mom's-to-be.For women, finding the right beauty products to use and the right techniques that work is hard enough. Factor pregnancy into the equation and what you have is a whole lot

Everything You Need To Know About Dandruff

The experts behind Clear divulge the itchy truth about flakes and how to get rid of them for good.
When it comes to hair problems, most of us will talk your ear off with woes about frizzy strands, fried color and limp locks for hours on end. But when it comes to dandruff, the now you see it, now you don’t nature

Makeup Diaries: Agoo Bengzon

Preview's Beauty Editor-at-Large shares with us five days of makeup.
For Preview Beauty Editor-at-Large Agoo Bengzon, delving into the world of beauty came early. Inadvertently beginning her foray into makeup as a toddler by playing at her mother’s vanity, little did she know that decades later she would still be doing the

Beauty Insider: Pam Pastor

We call on the woman behind Polish Police to let us in on the best brands to buy, remedies for common nail problems and her top five shades of right now.
When it comes to nail polish, we dub Pam Pastor the queen. Holding in her possession the motherload of all nail polish collections with over 600 bottles strong, she puts even the most manicure obsessed to shame. With her twice-a-week shade changes

Beauty Insider: Omar Ermita

An in-depth look into the mind of Shu Uemura's master makeup artist.
Unlike most successful professionals in the industry, it wasn’t beauty school or an innate love for fashion that got Omar Ermita into makeup—it was rock climbing and dancing. During his college years as part of a dance troupe, Omar unknowingly began his

Makeup For Humid Weather

Laura Mercier's Sean Stevenson on five products that are Manila climate friendly.
Just in time to launch the Spring/Summer collections and to attend the opening of the new Laura Mercier boutique in Glorietta 4, the brand's Regional Training Manager Sean Stevenson once again reaches our shores to bring news of great colors and techniques

Beauty Insider: Art Of Scent's Ken Jeswani

The fragrance expert helps the guys figure out the perfect scent for every date situation.
Aside from looks and personality, scent is an important make or break quality when it comes to men. But with all the options available in the market today, you can't blame a guy for getting a little bit confused about which bottle

Ace Of Base

Bobby Carlos on five great foundation application tips.
Just in time to meet the warmer season, Max Factor launched Xperience Weightless Foundation–a collection of seven silicone free bases that can be layered for full coverage or kept sheer for a breathable base. The effect, the Xperience if you will, is

Jing Monis And His Muses

A closer look at the celeb hair stylists' roster of clients and their cuts.
Jing Monis is a name that is as well known in the beauty world as his star studded clientele. Servicing the hottest of it-girls, his Greenbelt 1 salon has become a favorite for the likes of Georgina Wilson, Carmen Soo, Anne Curtis,