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Why Happy Skin's Co-Founder Doesn't Mind the Surge in Local Beauty Brands

"The more women there are who are interested in beauty, that can only be good for the industry," Rissa tells Preview.
It's no secret the beauty industry was hit hard by the pandemic. And yet, we've witnessed the steady rise of new local beauty businesses and brands within the past year, many of which were greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response.Brands like the pro-loved Strokes

5 Local Makeup Artists Who Turn Their Clients Into Art

Whoever said makeup wasn't an art was lying.
Either you love them or find them extreme, nothing can change the fact that editorial beauty shoots are the spirit of the beauty industry. They're normally the source for all the trends that make it onto the mainstream, and are makeup artists'

How Social Media Changed the Game in the Beauty Industry

When did we start caring about beauty so much?
It started out innocently enough, around the summer of 2013, when the phrase "eyebrow game strong" began making the rounds online. Legend has it that a popular YouTuber coined the saying, and three years later, we've got a booming beauty industry on

Ponds: Beauty Solutions Across The Market

The skincare brand stays competitive by covering all ages and skintypes.
Staying relevant in the skincare world is not an easy feat. With new ingredients emerging and new niche brands popping up everywhere from big department stores to online multiply shops, established brands have a lot more competition these days than they ever