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Here Are Fun Ways to Add Purple to Your Makeup Looks

It's a berry fun pop of color.
When it comes to creating makeup looks, most, if not all of us, feel safer using warm tones. Who can blame us? They're beginner-friendly and easy to mix and match. But with the new year fast approaching, why not try incorporating fun

How to Get Rid of Those Tiny Dark Pores on Your Legs

Here's what you should do to get rid of "strawberry legs."
It may not be summer anymore, but that certainly won't stop us tropics-dwellers from wearing shorts and miniskirts—call it one of our warm climate's perks, if you will! Still, shaving 100% takes its toll on your legs. If you absolutely abhor those tiny, dark

Sexy Beach Waves In Less Than A Minute

With just one tool and absolutely zero product!
The undone hair trend is taking both the streets and the runways by storm, but we’ve got to admit, it is deeply rooted in sexy beach waves. Good thing it’s beach season! Which basically, when translated to beauty girl lingo means, the texturizing

11 Beauty Books For The Empowered Women

Flip through the pages of these numerous titles and discover the essence of true beauty.
For us, a quote from makeup powerhouse, Bobbi Brown, best defines the power of beauty. Basically, it says that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup. Now, don’t get us wrong. As much as

5 Teeth Whitening Rules To Live By

Because a woman's smile is her best asset.
Not all girls may agree on makeup, clothing, or hairstyle preferences, but when it comes to our teeth, we’re a hundred percent sure that we all want the same thing: a pearly white lineup that can turn heads in a flash. Hey,

How To Do Glitter Eye Shadow Right!

Because when sparkles are involved, it's easy to make a mess.
We don't know how many different ways we can say this, but makeup is fun! The boys and a handful of girls may prefer the no-makeup look, but there are some days and special occasions when it won’t hurt to add some drama

How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Here are a few style tips you can try to transform your hair from beat to sleek.
Whether you’re born with naturally sparse strands, or all those hair coloring and blow drying caused your hair to go brittle, know that there are ways to give them life through styling. It helps to use anti-hairfall or any similar shampoo that

Easy Diy Pimple Eraser Recipe

It only takes 3 ingredients to save the day.
No one likes a bad zit day. It affects our self confidence, it ruins our mood, and well, they’re just flat out annoying. When push comes to shove and these evil little beings refuse to rest in peace, it only means it’s

Say Goodbye To Those Evil Eye Bags

Here are the easiest DIY solutions to those annoying panda eyes.
Let’s face it—you have dark circles around your eyes because you either like staying out late, you’re a sucker for watching a few TV series before hitting the sack, or you like relaxing by catching up on some reading with your night

How To Get Baby-like Skin A La Prince George

This is how we celebrate the 1st birthday of the baby everyone is talking about.
We can’t believe it has been a year since the loved royal couple, William and Kate, introduced their country’s future king, Prince George to the world. Although photos released have been extremely limited, there are a few things we picked up from

How To Get Defined Brows In Less Than 5 Minutes

Set your timers ladies!
No we're not talking about brows a la Cara Delevingne's, but if you want just the right arches for everyday use, then the play button is just a click away. Defined brows were big in 2013 and is still spilling over into