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7 Beauty Essentials Every Girl Needs to Pack for a Summer Vacay

Here's the smart girl's guide to A+ beauty looks this summer.
To make sure that you'll have all the fun, but still remain conscious and smart about your beauty picks this summer, we're listing down the non-negotiables every smart girl needs for a summer getaway. Don't forget to pack these inside your bag!SunscreenIMAGE

Check Out What's Inside Ryza Cenon’s Makeup Kit

She’s a no-fuss kind of gal!
You can tell a lot about a girl based on what’s inside her bag, more so when you take a peek at the contents of her makeup kit. Starstruck’s ultimate female survivor from season two, Ryza Cenon, revealed to Style Bible her

7 Beauty Essentials to Cheating the No-Makeup Look

Science your way to achieving that #iwokeuplikethis selfie.
Just so we’re clear, the no-makeup look still requires the use of makeup. Not all of us are confident to step out of the house with absolutely no makeup on, so a little cheating is in order. Don’t worry, we’re here to

11 Beauty Products You Should Never Leave Home Without

Meet the all-star staples that should never leave your arsenal.
Some ladies can’t live without a lippie, some like sporting a signature eye liner a la Amy Winehouse, and others simply cannot go without their cheek and lip tint. Every woman has different priorities but when it comes to some products, all

What To Pack For A Summer Rave

Enjoy bass drops and dance breaks without breaking your cool.
As Closeup’s Forever Summer and Summer Siren Festival draw near, all we can think about is enjoying some electronic dance music under the summer sun. From keeping the UV rays at bay to preventing makeup meltdowns, we run through our top products