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Here's How to Fix Your Broken Powder Makeup

It's easy, promise!
When your powder makeup bungee jumps from your fingers to the floor, it's completely okay to have a mini heart attack. What's not okay, though, is throwing that shattered compact into the trash without a fight. Why? Because you can still fix

Beauty Emergency: How to Fix a Botched Makeup Job

No need to call 911!
First thing's first: let's be clear. No, seriously. If you're getting your makeup done at a salon or by a hired artist, lay the rules down before even touching the chair—hate having falsies on? Tell them. Detest wearing eyeliner on your lower

Beauty Emergency Hack: How to Save Your Broken Lipstick

Nothing worse than a broken red lippie.
Calling all beauty junkies who have experienced the worst thing ever: breaking  your lipstick! It's a frustrating feeling, especially when you've splurged on it. But don't fret, we have here three ways you can salvage your broken tube. Below are three easy

13 Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Thanks to these on target shampoos, good hair days are finally here to stay.
We’ve been using shampoos since we were babies; it’s as basic as drinking water or putting on your underwear.  So, it’s necessary to get introduced to the bubble-makers that will make your mane satiny soft, and lustrous as it grows, and of

Beauty 911

Keep calm and carry on. These solutions will fix your beauty emergencies, stat.
Surprise, surprise, you wake up to the most stubborn bad hair day of your life and you've only got less than hour to spare to primp and prettify. You’re not alone, the days when you feel like the universe (especially the goddess