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Easy Diy Pimple Eraser Recipe

It only takes 3 ingredients to save the day.
No one likes a bad zit day. It affects our self confidence, it ruins our mood, and well, they’re just flat out annoying. When push comes to shove and these evil little beings refuse to rest in peace, it only means it’s

Do-it-yourself: Turn Your Kohl Pencil Eyeliner Into A Gel Eyeliner

We teach you how to turn your pencil liner into a gel with one easy step.
Have you been wanting to try a different type of eyeliner for the longest time, but are too afraid to spend on one only to realize it’s not for you? Then we might just have something for you. The long weekend—a staycation

Say Goodbye To Those Evil Eye Bags

Here are the easiest DIY solutions to those annoying panda eyes.
Let’s face it—you have dark circles around your eyes because you either like staying out late, you’re a sucker for watching a few TV series before hitting the sack, or you like relaxing by catching up on some reading with your night

The Easiest Diy Face Mask Ever

Who knew your fave breakfast staple could do wonders on your face?
Say tata to unsightly and bacteria-breeding large pores ladies, because the egg is here to our rescue. Yes, your everyday, ordinary, chicken egg is the answer to your pore problems. Packed with protein to fight wrinkles, magnesium to slow down skin aging,