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These Are Lush's 10 Best-Selling Products in the Philippines

We are huge fans of their shampoo bars.
Even if you walk around malls with your eyes closed, we guarantee that you'd know exactly when a Lush store is nearby. Catching a whiff of the scents of their soaps and bath bombs is inevitable, which is immediately an attempting invitation

Solenn Heussaff Spills Her Bathroom Secrets

What does she think of while sitting on her throne?
Celebrities are pretty much just like you and me. They eat, sleep, and shower just like we do. And while some of them might have pretty ridiculous bathroom “rituals” (like those rumors about Mariah Carey bathing in Evian, never gets old), others

Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Mom In Need Of A Good Soak

Create a relaxing bath with just a flick of a wand.
Being a mom is a job that leaves you with little time for yourself. With a whole household to manage and children to coddle, that much-needed me time becomes a thing of the past. So if your mom’s been hankering for a

Bath Time Buzz

Up the luxury factor of your soaking experience with these bubbly picks.
Though stewing in your own filth calls to mind gruesome images of multiplying bacteria and such, a bath works pretty well at washing the day’s stress away (trust me). Add a scented candle, some bubbles, and one of Norah Jones’ albums in

In The Boudoir

Let's revisit the sophistication of old world glamour.
Boudoirs are one of the best privileges of women of higher social class during the old world. It's an intricately designed private dressing room, and it is usually peppered with Victorian era-inspired pieces. Inside boudoirs, women get changed by their ladies-in-waiting into

Go Loco Over Choco

Have some tasty Wonka-fied treats for your face and body.
The whole world thanks the Mayans for concocting this decadent cacao bean bi-product. Hands down, chocolate is one of man's greatest inventions. We think it is a very important element in our lives; one valid argument would be that chocolate is the

The New Law Of Attraction

Angelica Panganiban reveals how to leave men wanting more.
Ever since the dawn of time, the game of chase between men and women has been afoot. Our local version oftentimes entails the man chasing the woman, and not the other way around. So what does a dalagang Pilipina do to attract

Clean Slate

Enjoy a relaxing bath with these luxuriously moisturizing products.
Everybody enjoys a good long bath. Whether a way to enliven your senses in the morning for the day to come or as a means to cool down at night after a hard days work, baths for most of us equal much

Rainforest-friendly Bathtime Products

Lush and The Body Shop go even greener with new environmentally sustainable products.
Without knowing it, some of even the most basic of our beauty products can cause harm to the environment. Ingredients in our everyday bars of soap or in bottles of shampoo and conditioner  can contain chemicals that work against our Earth’s natural