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Anya Taylor-Joy Is a Real-Life Barbie and We Finally Have Proof

She looked like a living doll in her Saturday Night Live guesting!
The first time I saw Anya Taylor-Joy in her natural hair color (a lustrous blonde), I had quite the lightbulb moment. Oh my god, I thought, she looks like a human Barbie. And sure enough, at every public appearance she made (that Dior Golden

MAC's "Barbie Pink" Lipstick Is Now Available Online

You won't even have to step outside the house to get your hands on it!
Last March, MAC Cosmetics announced that it has collaborated with Barbie (yes, the doll!) for a limited edition lipstick. Of course, the lip color comes in her signature pink hue, which put fans all over the world in collective nostalgia.You won't have to

Jasmine Curtis Smith Was a Real-Life Barbie Doll in This OOTD

What a doll. Jasmine Curtis Smith played a total Barbie dream in pretty plaid Yong Davalos at the media con for her latest flick Cara x Jagger!Adorable. According to the designer, the form-skimming checked mini frock, boasting of a plunging v-neck and cotton

You Can Rent Barbie's Life-Sized Dreamhouse In Malibu, California

You'll have the entire villa to yourself!
It's a Barbie world, after all! To celebrate the world-beloved doll's 60th anniversary, Mattel and Airbnb are offering one group of lucky guests a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at a real-life recreation of the birthday girl’s iconic Dreamhouse in Malibu, California. Please tell us you're

Mattel Just Dropped Its First Line of Gender-Neutral Dolls

Mattel is making a huge statement with their newest line of dolls that are definitely no Barbie or Ken. The toy company has launched a line of gender-neutral dolls for their young audience to enjoy—the first of its kind in America.The Creatable World

You Have to See These Barbie Dolls Dressed in Modern Filipiniana

Here are all the fashion news you missed this week!
Start your week with all the latest happenings in the world of fashion:Just in time for Independence Day, SM Malls organized an exhibit that puts the spotlight on everyone's favorite doll: Barbie. Here, she's wearing Louis M. Claparols' avant garde designs. Entitled Tala,

Frida Kahlo and More Female Icons Are Being Made into Barbie Dolls

Here's your first look!
In celebration of International Women's Day, Mattel will release a 17-piece Barbie collection fashioned after inspiring women. The series, aptly entitled Inspiring Women, is set to be released in two parts. For the first batch, they are zooming in on three women who

Even Barbie Feels Sad Sometimes and That's Totally Okay

You're not alone.
Barbie has always been deemed perfect. Apart from her smooth skin, long hair, and hourglass body, she seems to be leading the good life. She is surrounded with friends, living the life in Malibu, and even has Ken by her side. But

Jessy Mendiola Is Not the Barbie Girl You Think She Is

This real-life doll doesn't come in size zero.
Jessy Mendiola has all the makings of the pretty doll we all played with and adored as little girls: she’s got big doe eyes, porcelain-like complexion, and a picture-perfect face that’s incapable of taking a lackluster selfie. But to set the record

19 Pairs of Mules That Will Remind You of Your Old Barbie Doll

Maaajor throwback alert!
Barbie and her perpetually pointed plastic toes were the very first foundation of our current shoe hoarding tendencies—some things just never change. Remember these?!IMAGE AmazonIf, like us, your fashion journey was jumpstarted by playing dress-up with Barbie, then you are 101% going

Swimsuit Brands That Help You Embrace Your Body Type

Modeled by Barbie herself.
In case you haven’t heard, Mattel just gave Barbie her biggest makeover yet. After introducing the three new Barbie body types along with different skin tones to match, Mattel is now teaming up with none other than Target, one of our favorite

Barbie and Zoolander Spend a Picture Perfect Weekend in LA

And the photos are epic.
It’s not everyday you get to spend a day with Barbie, much less spend it with someone ridiculously good looking. But recently, these two teamed up and gave us a weekend’s worth of their shenanigans. Want to know what these two have

WATCH: Barbie’s 57-Year Evolution in 37 Seconds

Barbie is forever.
In case you haven’t heard the news, Barbie is getting three new looks to represent the equally beautiful petite, tall, and curvy women. And although this is the biggest transformation to date that the doll will be going through, she didn’t have

WATCH: Barbie's Biggest Makeover Yet

Meet petite, tall, and curvy Barbie!
If you have a baby sister or a niece, you probably noticed that she’s just not that into Barbie the same way you were at her age. If she does happen to own one, it’s probably a gift from you. Right, right? In

This Totally Cute Barbie Ad Has a Strong Message for Girls

It’s okay to play pretend.
Did you like playing with Barbie dolls as a kid? I did; I liked it. Actually, scratch that—I loved it! I had a doctor Barbie, a Cinderella Barbie, a rock star Barbie, and even a mermaid Barbie. Because you see, other than

Barbie Gets a Stylish Makeover!

Pat McGrath works her magic on our fave blonde doll.
Seasoned makeup artist Pat McGrath has worked wonders for designer shows from New York to Paris. But it's her latest work for Paris Fashion Week that has recently caused buzz, giving one of the most iconic faces a fresh new look. Barbie

This Barbie's Street Style Game Is Stronger Than Yours

Take a peek at her Instagrammable Barbie world.
She may be made of plastic, but her street style game is way more fantastic than yours. Traveling around the world to snap OOTDs and attend fashion weeks, this iconic Barbie doll’s busy yet glamorous life will make you green with envy.

20 Times Barbie Beat You at Instagram

And pretty much at life, too.
Forget Malibu and downtown LA, Barbie is taking over the Pacific North West with her new IG account @socalitybarbie. Trading her bubble gum pink heels, frilly dresses, and purple eyeshadow for hiking boots, parkas, and a Herschel backpack, she opts to live,