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A Filipina Ballerina Shares What It's Like to Pose Nude for Art

"It's such a liberating feeling."
A slender, graceful ballerina enters the room. Her hair is knotted into a bun and she's clutching nothing but a sheet of fabric covering herself. She reaches the center of the room and secures her place on the pedestal. Perhaps mustering her

You Have to See This Ballerina's Interesting Beauty Routine

She is SO extra.
No matter how extra you think your beauty regimen is, Misty Copeland probably has you beat. The ballerina's routine is so out there that it's almost impossible for us average folks to cop it. Still, that doesn't stop us from being mesmerized

To the Barre: What It's Like to Be a Ballerina In Manila

It’s so much more than just looking pretty in a tutu.
Have you ever watched a ballet and sighed at the impeccable beauty the dancers exude as they float on stage? Were you ever enrolled by your parents in ballet class when you were four or five just because, well, you’re a girl

Summer Trend Report: Ballerina Swimsuits You Can Shop Now

Brb, twirling.
We at Preview HQ are #weak for anything blush pink with a ruffle (or ten) slapped across it. Maybe it's our residual childhood ballerina dreams talking, or simply an innate attraction to tulle tutus and nude leotards--whatever the case, you can pirouette

Of Ballet And Charms

Pandora launches their newest collection through a beautiful story narrated by dance.
What is it with ballerinas and fashion lately? This is already the fourth fashion event this week alone which sought help from those pretty dancers in tutus to give life to the different brands' latest offering, and we’re not complaining. The undeniable